Rudy Giuliani-Organization, Oklahoma
revised March 16, 2008

RUDY GIULIANI PRESIDENTIAL EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE, INC.  [Filed papers with New York State on Nov. 10, 2006 and with the FEC on Nov. 20, 2006]

hosted Sept. 14, 2007 reception with Giuliani in Tulsa...
T. Boone Pickens
Southwest Finance Chairman

John and Cheryl Clerico
Tulsa Finance Chairmen

Terry Neese >
National Chair / Women for Rudy

C. Renzi Stone
Southwest Finance Chair/ Rudy's All-American Team

Along with:
John and Gloria Blessing
Paul and Brenda Brothers
Charles and Evelyn Harmon
H.G. Buddy Kleemeier
Dee Ray
Mrs. Ray Siegfried
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