Mike Huckabee-Organization, California
revised March 14, 2008

Faith and Family Chair Sherwood Haisty
Pastor of First Baptist Church of Fillmore, Ventura County.  Graduate of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN, of Crighton College also in Memphis, and is enrolled at The Masterís Seminary in Panorama City, CA.  Longtime supported of Huckabee; volunteered on his first campaign for U. S. Senate in 1992.  Native of Arkansas.

endorsed by Congressman Duncan Hunter (Jan. 23, 2008)

Western States Organizer - James Cover jamescover@cox.net

Western States Assistant Organizer - Bennet Letwin  bennett.letwin@gmail.com

California State Organizer - california4huckabee@gmail.com

Assistant California State Organizer - Linette Choi  linettechoi@sbcglobal.net

California Meetup Start up Organizer - Carol Gibbs   caroljanegibbs@sbcglobal.net

Southern California Organizer - Jon Eskensas losangeles4huckabee@yahoo.com

Central California Organizer - Peter McMullen  peter.j.mcmullen@gmail.com

Northern California Organizer -  Brian Snow  sacramento4huckabee@yahoo.com
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