PRESS RELEASE from Congressman John Linder (R-GA)



December 11, 2007

Duluth, GA- John Linder (R-GA) released the following statement announcing his support for Mike Huckabee for the GOP presidential nomination:

"I am proud to announce my endorsement of Mike Huckabee for the GOP presidential nomination. The values and character Mike has shown throughout this campaign are reflective of what America should strive to be. Most importantly, he has shown that he has the tenacity to confront our nation's problems head on. A good example of this is his zeal to replace a broken, crippling, tax system and replace it with the FairTax. This is an idea that I have worked on for over 10 years and I have had the opportunity to talk with Mike about it on numerous occasions. He understands the need for change, and he understands that we are far past quick fixes."

"Our country has reached a point where we need big ideas to affect real change. Mike Huckabee is the only candidate I have seen with the vision and fortitude to bring big ideas to the table, and for that reason, he has my full support."