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The Campaigns in Story County
Story County
County Seat: Nevada
More Cities and Towns: Ames, Cambridge, Collins, Colo, Gilbert, Huxley, Kelley, Maxwell, McCallsburg, Roland, Slater, Story City

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VOTER REGISTRATION (Nov. 1, 2007 Active)
Total (Active) Republican Democratic Non-Partisan
52,723 14,550 (27.60%) 15,633 (29.65%) 22,540 (42.75%)
2.76% of 1,912,197 active registered voters statewide.

43 precincts of 1,784 precincts statewide

Story County Elected Officials
County Officials
County Attorney Stephen Holmes  Edwards
Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald  Dodd
Supervisor Wayne Clinton  Obama
Supervisor Jane Halliburton 
Supervisor James Strohman 
State Senators 
5-Rich Olive of Story City.  Obama
23-Herman C. Quirmbach of Ames.  Biden
State Representatives
45-Beth Wessel Kroeschell of Ames. Clinton
46-Lisa Heddens of Ames.  Biden
Auditor Mary Mosiman  Romney
Recorder Sue Vande Kamp 
Treasurer David Jamison  Romney
State Senators
State Representatives
10-Dave Deyoe of Nevada.  Romney

Local Party Leadership
Story County Democrats
(515) 268-0313
Chair - Jan Bauer of Ames.  Obama
Story County Republican Party
Chair - Russ Cross of Ames.  Giuliani
Co-Chair - Matt Randall of Ames.
Secretary - Loretta Parker of Story City.  Huckabee
Treasurer - Jean Sheets of Nevada.
Campaigns in Story County  PHOTOS
77 of 2,500 (3.08%)
2.42% (14,550 of 600,572)
Field Office: 330 Main Street, Suite A, Ames ( the same building as the Downtown Deli) 
Office warming party Nov. 28, 2007.
House Assistant Majority Leader Lisa Heddens (Ames)  (7/3/07)
State Sen. Herman Quirmbach (Ames)  (11/05/07)

Field Office: 215 Stanton Avenue, Suite 1, Ames, IA 50014   515-268-3176 
Grand opening May 5, 2007 with Tom Vilsack. 
Endorsements: State Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (Ames)  (11/26/07)
Clayton “Buzz” Carmody, farm owner and former mayor of Colo
Sandy Opstvedt of Story City, IBEW Iowa State Conference President and DNC member  (12/22/07)

Field Office: 507 Main Street, Ames   (515) 232-0264
County Chair: Mike Bryant of Ames, President of IAFF Local 625  (9/18/07)
Member of Statewide Leadership Team: Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald of Colo (11/17/07) +

Field Office: Park Plaza Professional Office Building, Suite 100, 103 E. 6th St., Ames, IA 50010 
County Chair/Co-Chair: Sande McNabb of Ames, Lynne Baltzer of Ames (6/12/07)
Rural County Chair: Kermit Miskell of Story City  (4/20/07)
also endorsed by Stephen Holmes, Story County Attorney  (11/29/07 county officials)
Matthew Goodman, Ames at-large city councilman

Field Office: 303 Welch Avenue,  Ames, IA 50014   515.268.3148 
County Leadership Committee: (9/27/07)
Rich Olive, State Senator, Co-Chair
Jan Bauer, Chair, Story County Democrats, Co-Chair 
Tom Harrington, IDP State Central Committee, Co-Chair
Yvonne Borton, McCallsburg
Wayne Clinton, Story County Supervisor
Heidi Drees, Slater/Labor UTU
Chris Elsenbast, BarackStars President
Bob Gitchell, Ames
Debbie Gitchell, Ames
Mario Inigue Chair, Latinos for Obama
Marian Olive, Story City
Lavon Schiltz, Nevada
Carlie Tartakov, Ames
Samone Turner, Ames
Tara Van Brederode, Chair, Women for Obama
Lisa Wilson,  Pres. ISU Students for Obama
Brent Wynja, Vice-Chair, Story County Democrats
Endorsed by the Iowa State Daily  (12/4/07)

Field Office: 303 Welch Ave #103, Ames, IA 50014  (515) 243-9502 

303 Welch Avenue, Ste. 107, Ames 
Grand Opening by Christie Vilsack on Jan. 30, 2007

(Statewide) Caucus Chair: Russ Cross - Story County Republican Chairman  (6/11/07)

Co-Chairs-Bob and Loretta Parker of Story City (5/8/07)
Bob Parker’s ancestors came to Iowa as pioneer farmers before the Civil War.  He has been a manufacturing manager, merchant, instructor in the Iowa State University College of Business and a small business consultant for 20 years.  He was assistant director of the Iowa Small Business Development Center for 12 years.  Bob is also a former chair of the Story City Chamber of Commerce and was the founding president of the Story City Kiwanis Club and a Kiwanis lieutenant governor.

Loretta Parker has operated the family retail business and served in a marketing role for two local businesses.  She and Bob served as co-chairs of the Scandinavian Days celebration.  She was chair of the Story City United Fund drive and has been active in several other community fund-raising projects.  The Parkers have lived in Story City for 34 years.  They are active members of Grace United Methodist Church.

Endorsed by the Iowa State Daily  (12/3/07)

ROMNEY  (4/13/07) 
Chair Kevin Kimle:  Has been involved in a number of local, state and national campaigns.  Currently President of Decision Commodities, a company that provides agricultural commodity sellers and buyers integrated risk management products.  Master's degree in economics from Iowa State University, and B.S. in agricultural economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Co-Chair Gannon Hendrick:  Recently served in Iraq for one year, where he was in charge of intelligence operations for his battalion.  Upon his return from the service, he enrolled at Iowa State University, while also working on his family's farm operation.  He now serves as a Warren Township Trustee, following a recent attempt at Story County Supervisor. 

Former State Senator Stewart Iverson:  Advisor to the Romney for President campaign.   In 2006 Iverson served as a top adviser to Governor George Pataki's 21st Century Freedom PAC.  Served in the the Iowa Senate from 1994 to 2006, including as the top-ranking Republican in the Senate from 1997-2006, and in Iowa House from 1989-94.  Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.   From Dows, in north-central Iowa. 

Representative Dave Deyoe:  Elected to the House in 2006 representing eastern Story County and portions of Hamilton County.  He runs his family farm, and has previously been actively involved in the Iowa Farm Bureau. 

Mary Mosiman:  Serving her second term as Story County Auditor and Commissioner Of Elections.  Prior to becoming Auditor, she owned and operated a daycare business for five years.  Graduate of Iowa State University and has CPA certification. 

Rick And Sandy Hoenig:  Active on a number of campaigns, including U.S. Sen, Charles Grassley's campaigns, and Bob Vander Plaats' gubernatorial campaign.  Rick is currently the assistant director for Facilities and Management with the Ames Community School District.  Sandy is a retired school counselor and currently facilitates classes and retreats on the subject of The Joy of Forgiveness. 

Endorsement (9/14/07) 
Dave Jamison:  Story County Treasurer since 1995, and is past-President of the Iowa State County Treasurer's Association.  Served on the Republican State Central Committee, 2002-07. In 2003, he co-founded the Iowa Republican County Officials Association.  Recently awarded the 2007 National Republican County Official of the Year.  Graduated with a degree in business management from Iowa State University.  A veteran of the Marine Corps.

Iowa State University Campus Chair: Luke Martz
Martz is from Muscatine, Iowa. He is 20 years old and studying Political Science at Iowa State University. He is an active member of the College Republicans and the Solar Car Team. He is also an FAA certified pilot.

County Chair: Tom West - Part of Phil Graham's Iowa caucus campaign, co-chaired the Republican Party in Story County and was head of the Steve Forbes campaign in Story County.  (11/05/07)

The campaign had an office at 526 Main Street, Ames; Brownback attended a grand opening on June 21, 2007; the office closed after the Ames Straw Poll in Aug. 2007.
Supporter: Rev. Dr. James Lamb of Story County—pastor  (2/26/07)

From Feb.-Aug. 2007 the state headquarters was at 217 Welch Ave., Suite 102, Ames. 

Iowa State University Campus Chair:  Alyssa Staley

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