Hawkeye Happenings
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Aug. 2, 2005-- Sen. Evan Bayh's first trip to Iowa in 2005 included a press conference with Rep. Leonard Boswell on efforts to combat Methamphetamine.  (Boswell is to Bayh's right).

The full schedule of the trip
On August 2 in Des Moines Sen. Bayh attended a lunch honoring Rep. Leonard Boswell at Trattoria; held a press conference with Rep. Boswell discussing efforts to combat Meth at the State Historical Society (Terrace); and dropped by Iowa Democratic Party headquarters, also with Rep. Boswell. 

On August 3 he had lunch with Waterloo area local officials at Beck's Sports Brewery in Waterloo; and attended a dinner honoring Black Hawk County Democrats at Hudson Community Center in Hudson. 

On August 4 he met with the Greater Des Moines Young Professionals Connection at Greater Des Moines Partnership in Des Moines; and attended the groundbreaking of Stepping Stones Early Learning Center at West Elementary School in Knoxville. 

All America PAC
Rep. Leonard Boswell

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