PRESS RELEASE from Americans for Fair Taxation

For Immediate Release – July 16, 2007

FairTax “Dare To Be Fair II” bus tour comes to Iowa

The growing national campaign to throw out the broken income tax system in favor of a progressive national retail sales tax will be coming in force to Iowa over the next several weeks. takes its national campaign to at least 25 Iowa towns and cities from July 26th to August 11th in the “Dare To Be Fair II” bus tour culminating in a huge rally with talk show host Neal Boortz at the Iowa Straw Poll the morning of August 11th.

“We are taking our campaign to the people of Iowa so they can carry the message directly to the presidential candidates that the broken income tax system must go,” said David Polyansky, FairTax Chief Operating Officer.  “Over the past year, the FairTax has gained popular support nationally and has attracted the attention of a growing number of presidential candidates,” said Polyansky.

“We saw 8,000 people come to South Carolina on a Tuesday night last month to rally for the FairTax next door to the Republican presidential debate,” said Polyansky.  “Everyone but tax lobbyists in Washington knows that an income tax system that costs Americans more than $265 billion a year in compliance costs alone is an insult to taxpayers and harmful to the national economy.”

The FairTax Plan is a national grassroots campaign replacing the federal income tax system with a progressive national retail sales tax with a prebate to insure no legal household will pay federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level.  The FairTax bill, H.R. 25, is currently the most broadly backed tax reform bill with 62 co-sponsors, more than ten times the number of co-sponsors as the next most popular reform, the flat tax.

“Unlike every other tax proposal over the past 40 years, the FairTax enjoys support across the political spectrum,” said Polyansky. “We believe this issue can unite our divided country against the self-dealing of Washington in perpetuating an income tax system that is very good for lobbyists and Washington insiders and very bad for the nation.”

The bus tour will start July 26th in Winterset and conclude in Ames on August 11th with a rally hosted by nationally syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz at Stephens Auditorium on the campus of Iowa State University.

“Regardless of what candidate or party you support, you can come have fun, eat, and learn about an issue that can be embraced by all Iowans,” said Polyansky.

“Our goal is to educate Iowans about the increasingly popular alternative to our mess of a tax code.  The FairTax is simply a proposal to replace, dollar for dollar, the revenue now collected by the federal government in a way that is fair, transparent, simple, and that will allow Iowans to keep their whole paycheck,” said Polyansky.

The bus tour will feature free food, live music, local elected representatives, and free FairTax gear for attendees.  At each stop, the FairTax campaign will give $500 to the person who records the best “Why the current tax system isn’t fair” commercial in a video booth set up at each stop.  All local winners will also be eligible for the grand prize, which will be given to the person who records the best commercial in the state.  The winner will be announced at the FairTax rally on August 11th in Ames.

Tentative locations and dates:

Thursday July 26, Winterset

Friday July 27, Greenfield and Atlantic

Saturday July 28, Logan, Onawa, and Le Mars

Sunday July 29, Spencer and Storm Lake

Thursday August 2, Grundy Center and Eldora

Friday August 3, Hampton and Clarion

Saturday August 4, Humboldt, Fort Dodge, and Rockwell City

Sunday August 5, Ida Grove and Correctionville

Tuesday August 7, Marengo and Oskaloosa

Wednesday August 8, Sigourney

Thursday August 9, Washington and Muscatine

Friday August 10, Clinton

Saturday August 11, Ames “Dare To Be Fair II” rally

For more information, contact John Nothdurft at 713-963-9023 ext 9610 or Ken Hoagland at 713-927-3699.

John Nothdurft
Press Coordinator