PRESS RELEASE from Huckabee for President Exploratory Committee, Inc.

Saturday, August 11, 2007
Media Contacts:
Kirsten Fedewa
Alice Stewart


AMES, Iowa – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee claimed a “historic victory” at Saturday's Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll, saying he has substantial momentum heading into the next phase of the campaign.
Despite a clear financial disadvantage, Huckabee said he came in second place on account of several factors, including his experience as an executive leader, the strength of his message and his vision for the future.
"This caps off a great week here in Iowa .  My goal in Iowa was to introduce myself to voters in the Hawkeye State and create enough momentum to send our campaign to New Hampshire and South Carolina .  We’ve met, and exceeded, that goal with limited resources both in terms of money and staff," Huckabee said.
"Tonight’s results prove that our message of results-driven optimism resonates with real people; that our organization can put together a successful effort; and that Iowa is winnable for us.  We over-performed by having more votes and tickets purchased and having no paid media, unlike other candidates.”
Huckabee added his gratitude to the men and women of Iowa for their participation in the straw poll, while looking forward to a return visit to the Hawkeye state.
"I have to tip my hat to the dedicated caucus-goers who put up with this heated frenzy and came out to vote," Huckabee said. "I am deeply grateful to all the families who invited me into their homes, met me in coffee shops and diners, shared their stories, and listened to my ideas on improving America .
"I am looking forward to returning to Iowa to work even harder to lift our campaign to victory by showing Americans there is a higher ground to be reached by bringing hope back to America with fairer taxes, a working health care system, energy self-reliance, and reinvestment in America ’s future," he added.
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