PRESS RELEASE from the Iowa Democratic Party
For Immediate Release

Thursday, July 26, 2007    

Contacts: Carrie Giddins/Chris Allen

Romney Flips Again!

How Important Is the Straw Poll?

Des Moines – Today, Mitt Romney conducted perhaps his most amazing flip-flop of the presidential race. Four months ago, Romney wanted to be the “ring leader” of the Ames Straw Poll but now he thinks that a “finish in the top two or three” would be good enough. Apparently the former Governor no longer has faith in his ability to hide his record from the conservatives who will be voting in the Straw Poll and is trying desperately to lower expectations for his campaign.

“We know you must be tired of reading all these press releases about Mitt Romney’s flip-flops (we are tired of writing them), but Romney is the candidate who just keeps on giving,” said Carrie Giddins, Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director. “First it was vital to win the Straw Poll, now its not that important; if Romney can’t even figure that out, how can he be expected to lead the United States of America?”

April: Romney Pledged to Be the “Ring Leader” of the Straw Poll. “Mitt Romney was all smiles Wednesday as he spoke to supporters at his campaign headquarters in Urbandale. He addressed a comment made on the radio earlier in the day by a Giuliani staff member, who called the Republican Party of Iowa's Aug. 11 straw poll a circus. ‘If there is a circus, we are going to be the ring leader,’ he said.”  [, 4/5/07;]

July: Romney Hoping for “Top Two or Three” Finish. “Having invested the most time and money in the event, many expect Romney to win, but he was far more modest. ‘I expect to finish in the top two or three,’ he said.” [Associated Press, 6/26/07]





Carrie Giddins

Communications Director

Iowa Democratic Party