PRESS RELEASE from the Iowa Democratic Party
For Immediate Release

Thursday, August 9, 2007 

Contacts: Carrie Giddins/Chris Allen

Ames Straw Poll Amusement, In Case the Candidates Aren’t Enough

IDP Releases Over/Under Odds for the Republican Straw Poll

 Des Moines – Since the Ames Straw Poll is an all day event in the middle of an Iowa August featuring candidates rehashing the failed policies of George Bush, the Iowa Democratic Party wanted to give reporters a reason to stay awake and pay attention throughout the day. Consider it free amusement, in case the candidates are not enough.

Below are some fun things to look for at the Straw Poll and the number of times the IDP thinks each will happen.  Enjoy!*

Percentage of Republicans Hoping for Another Choice 
(or “None of the Above”)
+/- 81
Romney Flip-Flops (Just on Saturday)  +/- 5
Appearances by Flip the Dolphin  +/- 25
Former McCain Staffers Looking for Work  +/- 10
Times Someone Calls Themselves A True Conservative  +/- 300
Times Romney Surrounds Himself with Family  +/- 17
Ronald Reagan Mentions  +/- 1,000
George Bush Mentions  +/- 0
Support for Bush’s Unpopular Iraq Surge  +/- 200
Islamic Terrorist Mentions  +/- 500
Osama Bin Laden Mentions  +/- 0
Fake Police Badges Worn by Romney Staffers  +/- 3
People Wishing Alan Keyes Was Running  +/- 4,000
References to Ethanol  +/- 5
Romney “Volunteers” Paid by the Campaign  +/- 75
Republican Candidates Taking Iowa Seriously                                      +/- McCain/Giuliani

*While we do not sanction gambling, friendly wagers are encouraged.


Carrie Giddins

Communications Director

Iowa Democratic Party