PRESS RELEASE from Aerospace Industries Association
December 6, 2007

AIA Releases Priority Issues for Presidential Election

Arlington, Va. - Robust funding for defense modernization, strong support for space programs and modernizing and transformation of the air transportation system are among the aerospace priorities for next year's presidential campaign, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey said Thursday.

Ensuring a commitment to research and development, taking steps to foster a qualified aerospace workforce and reducing aviation's impact on the environment were also included in a package of 10 high-importance issues released during AIA's Year-End Review and Forecast event. The election issues are being distributed to officials with both the Democratic and Republican campaigns.

"These issues underscore the important role the industry plays in our nation's economic health and national security strength," Blakey said. "A commitment to a strong national defense, safe and efficient air travel and advanced space exploration should be a part of every campaign."

Officials with several campaigns have expressed positive feedback on the issues, which are increasingly become part of the public discussion. For example, some candidates have said they support the American manned space exploration program during debates and speeches.

AIA's Board of Governors approves a slate of priority issues for each calendar year. Like they did in 2004, board members decided to aim the election-year priorities at the candidates, encouraging them to adopt sound positions on these issues while on the campaign trail.

The Year-End Review and Forecast is AIA's annual statistical report on the status of the industry before journalists, member-company representatives and invited guests.

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