Final Draft of "Urban Legend"
International Association of Firefighters Interested in Registration and Education Political Action Committee
July 10, 2007

1. Footage of people running from WTC attacks.   SFX: One of the towers has collapsed, I repeat one of the towers has collapsed.

2. Riches on camera.   Jim Riches: Heís running on his 9/11 leadership and it was lacking, and there was none.

3. Tallon on camera.   Rosaleen Tallon: Whenever I hear him talk, I want to scream out to the world and say, ďGod, heís so full of it.Ē

4. Santora on camera.  Al Santora: The buck stops at the Mayorís officeÖ

5. Woods on camera.   John Woods: It goes to the top, you know, whoís in charge here?

6. Regenhard on camera.   Al Regenhard: Mr. Giuliani

7. Riches on camera.   Riches: They attacked us in í93,

8. Cassidy on camera.   Steve Cassidy: Yet, eight and a half years later New York City firefighters, the greatest fire department in the world, were using the same radios that we knew didnít work.

9. Riches on camera.  Cut to footage of Giuliani.   Riches: We have remains of dead heroes out at the garbage dump because of Giuliani and his administration. And theyíre still there today and they wonít remove them.

10. Gorman on camera.  Peter Gorman: And this guy had politics and his image much more important than the needs of firefighters and their families.

11. Regenhard on camera.  Cut to footage of Giuliani.   Regenhard: Iím a conservative. Iím a member of the NRA. I voted for GiulianiÖ But in this instance, he messed up.

12. Tallon on camera.  Cut to footage of Giuliani.   Tallon: Itís about learning who the person running for President is.  Donít just go by the image you saw on television.

13. McDonnell on camera.  Cut to footage of Giuliani.   Jack McDonnell: Itís not the moral, ethical, or honest person that I feel should be the President of the United States in 2008.

14. Cassidy on camera.   Cassidy: This image of Rudy Giuliani as Americaís mayor is a myth.

15. GFX Title: Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend.   MSX: Briefly up.

16. B-roll of 1993 WTC bombing.   NARRATOR VO: Rudy Giulianiís urban legend begins on February 26, 1993 when Al Qaeda terrorists bombed the World Trade Center.

17. B-roll of 1993 WTC bombing.   John F. Woods, Jr. VO: It looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie. But it was real.

18. John F. Woods, Jr. on camera.  GFX: John F. Woods, Jr., Lieutenant, Ladder Company 5 FDNY.  Cut to footage of í93 bombing.   Woods: I tried to get on the radio to transmit to the chief; this is very important stuff. I couldnít get out. I couldnítóIím calling anybody that could hear me, nobody responded.

19. B-roll of Giulianiís inauguration.   NARRATOR VO: A 1994 report confirmed the radios didnít work. And Mayor Giuliani knew it, yet Rudy and his hand-picked fire commissioner took seven long years to replace the defective radios with new defective radios.

20. Paul J. Dombrowsky on camera.  GFX: Paul J. Dombrowsky, Captain, Ladder Company 143 FDNY.   Paul J. Dombrowsky: This was the first time that I used the new radios that we were issued, and it was at a working fire.

21. Cut to b-roll of house fire.  Mix of Dombrowsky on camera with fire footage.   Dombrowsky: At some point in the fire the 2nd due engine company, was engine 305, a member on that line was separated from his line and he transmitted a mayday message for a member lost.

22. GFX: Alexander Santora, former Chief, 7th Division FDNY (Ret.).   Santora: You know a guy caught in a cellar of a private house and heís calling for help, giving a Mayday, and the units that are in the immediate area don't hear him, but yet units that are two miles away hear him; something definitely, definitely wrong with that.

23. Show article from New York Times, April 4, 2001: ďNew Radios were never tested in the field by the city, a report says.Ē  Show article from Newsday, March 26, 2001: ďMayor Backs FDNYís Use Of Radios.Ē   NARRATOR VO: Rudyís radios were pulled from service within a week. The city comptroller found that proper testing procedures were never followed and that competitive bidding standards were circumvented with a no-bid contract.

24. Cut to Riches on camera.  GFX: Jim Riches, Deputy Chief FDNY.   Riches: He ordered them bogusly. It was supposed to go out to bid, theyíre supposed to be tested by the field units, and then theyíre supposed to give him their input into it, and if they think the radio is good, they would buy it. He didnít do that.

25. Santora on camera.   Santora: You'd have to see how it works in a high rise, how it works in a tenement, how it works in a cellar, subcellar, in tunnels. It would be tested in all these various areas. My estimation, what happened in 2000, 2001, none of that went on

26. Cut to footage of driving to WTC.  GFX: 9:32 am - Chief Callan ordered all FDNY members in the North Tower to the lobby.  GFX: He repeats the command but not a single company answers.   NARRATOR: At 9:32 AM September 11, Chief Callan ordered all FDNY members in the North Tower to the lobby. He repeated the command but not a single company answered. At 9:59 the south tower collapased.


28. SFX RADIO: Chief Brown, Mayday, mayday, Iím trapped in the Rubble.

29. GFX: 10:00 a.m. Ė Chief Pfeifer then repeats the order for all units to evacuate.   NARRATOR: FDNYís Chief Pfeifer then repeated the ordered for all units to evacuate the North Tower.

30. GFX: Firefighters had 56 minutes after the first call and 29 minutes after the second to get out.   NARRATOR: Firefighters had 56 minutes after the first call and 29 minutes after the second order to get out

31. GFX: All police officers left the building-- 121 firefighters never made it out.   NARRATOR: While all police officers left the building, 121 firefighters never made it out

32. B-roll of 9/11 after the Towers fell.  Cut to Riches on camera.   Riches: That day, my son was working.  And they didnít hear the call, 121 guys didnít hear the call in the North Tower to get out. And they ó and the police officers heard it because their radios worked and ours didnít.

33. 9/11 footage.  Cut to Alexander Santora on camera.   Santora: The South Tower came down in less than an hourÖ and that was the point when the Fire Department had to say, ďhey, it's time to get out.ĒÖ they had 29 more minutes to get out of the North Tower. We lost those people. For what reason? Because of lack of communication.

34. GFX: 121 FDNY members were killed in the North Tower but no police officers.  GFX: Why?   Santora SYNC: Not a single cop was lost in that building. Why was that? Because they had gotten the word to get out. Our radios weren't working.

35. Footage of Giuliani.  Riches on camera.   Riches: Virtually, the whole thing goes back to him with the radios. Heís the guy on the top and heís the guy you yell at. Heís ó he takes the hit. And my son is dead because of it.

36. GFX: Peter Gorman, Former President (1999-2007), IAFF Local 854 UFOA FDNY.   Gorman: Thatís what fire fighters should remember about Rudy Giuliani.  He gave us nothing when we needed a life-saving radio.

37. GFX: Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Giuliani Tour Ground Zero.  Footage of 9/11 Commission.   NARRATOR VO: Rather than take responsibility, Giuliani tried to blame the victims, telling the 9/11 Commission that fire fighters heard their evacuation orders but disobeyed them.

38. Giuliani Testifying at the 9/11 Commission.   Giuliani: Their willingness, the way I describe it, to stand their ground.

39. Regenhard on camera.  GFX: Al Regenhard, Detective Sergeant NYPD (Ret.).   Regenhard: I find that despicable. My son was a Marine. If he had heard the order to evacuate, which he did not because the radios werenít workingóif he had heard the order to evacuate, he would have evacuated.

40. Santora on camera.   Santora: That is the most ludicrous statement that Iíve heard made by some people, that the firefighters disagreed or ignored the command.

41. Cut to Tallon on camera.  GFX: Rosaleen Tallon, Sister of Sean Patrick Tallon, Ladder Company 10 FDNY.   Tallon: Mayor Giuliani twisted the heroism of my brother to suit his own mistakes of that day.

42. GFX: Giuliani built his Command Center on the #1 terrorist target in NYC.  Cassidy on camera.  GFX: Steve Cassidy, President, IAFF Local 94 UFA FDNY.   Cassidy: The mayor who's claiming to run on 9/11 built his OEM center, his communication center, the basis for all decisions to be made, on the site of the World Trade Center that had been attacked just eight years earlier.

43. Footage of 7 WTC falling.  GFX: The command center was evacuated and destroyed on 9/11.  GFX: Eddie Brown, Trustee IAFF Local 94 UFA FDNY.   Eddie Brown: Heís the one that made the decision to put their bunker in 7 World Trade Center, which ó when I down there on 9/11, that day, Iíd seen police detectives yelling in the streets that we told him not to put it here, you know, because that was the target of the terrorists.

44. GFX: 7 World Trade Center, Sept 11th, Command Center 4:58pm.  Riches on camera.   Riches: 7 World Trade Center collapsed at 5:00 that night and the emergency command center was never used that day.

45. Footage of Giuliani on 9/11.  Tallon on camera.   Tallon: Mayor Giuliani was running on the street, and he was talking to the media instead of being in a controlled environment making controlled decisions.

46. Footage of Giuliani talking to media.  GFX: Jack McDonnell, President, IAFF Local 854 UFOA FDNY.  Jack McDonnell: Here is the leader of the city running away from the scene.  Leaving uniform personnel from fire and police to deal with this tragic situation that was occurring.

47. B-roll of fire fighters at Ground Zero in the days and months after 9/11.  Brinks Trucks Footage.  GFX: Ground Zero, Oct. 31, 2001.   NARRATOR VO: Fire Fighters began the difficult task of respectfully recovering the remains of civilians and their fallen brothers. But then gold belonging to the Bank of Nova Scotia was found and removed.

48. Press Conference Reporter: The Brinks truck spotted at the sight Ė is that the 200 million dollars in gold?  Giuliani: Yes, it is. I think we have most of it, not sure we have all of it.

49. Brinks Trucks Footage.   NARRATOR: Within hours of announcing that the gold had been recovered, Rudy pulled fire fighters off the pile, claiming he was worried about their safety.

50. Gorman: They found the gold, and all of a sudden everything changed for Rudy Giuliani ó things didnít change for firefighters, but they changed for Rudy Giuliani, and he said, ďDonít worry, firefighters will believe whatever I tell them. Itís about your safety.Ē We knew it wasnít, we knew it was a lie.

51. Brown: Once the gold was found, they didn't really care about our membership... that they were going to take our dead members and put them in the Staten Island dump was a disgrace.

52. B-roll of machines working at Ground Zero.   NARRATOR VO: When Rudy started his scoop and dump operation, just 101 FDNY members had been recovered.  Two-hundred and forty two FDNY members and hundreds of civilians would either stay buried at ground zero or be removed like garbage and deposited at the Fresh Kills Landfill.

53. Cassidy on camera.   Cassidy: Scoop up the debris, dump it in a landfill; the heck with the fact that it was firefighters or others who would never have a funeral for their family.

54. B-roll of Protest.   NARRATOR VO: Families and offduty fire fighters protested Rudyís appalling lack of respect. In response, Giuliani had them arrested. When faced with the public outrage, Mayor Giuliani relented and let FDNY members go back to work on the pile.

55. Santora on camera.  Photo of Christopher Santora.   Santora: I lost my son. He was in the Marriott. He was lost when the South Tower came down.

56. Riches on camera.  Photo of James Riches.   Riches SYNC: We found my son on March 25, 2002. And if Giuliani had his way, my sonís body would have never been recovered because he would have closed the site in November because of money and politics, and he wanted the firemen out of there so they could speed up the operation.

57. Tallon on camera.  Photo of Sean Patrick Tallon.   Tallon SYNC: Remains were found.  And it was a real relief to find those ó to know, you know, that he wasnít left down there, and that he did come home to rest.

58. Regenhard on camera.  Photo of Christian Regenhard.   Regenhard SYNC: We have no idea how he died in the towers. We havenít recovered his remains, so we donít have any information.

59. Shot of American flag at Ground Zero.  McDonnell on camera.  McDonnell: Today, we still continue to find remains.

60. Cassidy on camera.   Cassidy: We did need radios that worked; we didnít have them. We did need proper respiratory protection; he didnít give it to us. The things that we needed to do our jobs even better, we didnít have, because of his administration.

61. Regenhard on camera.   Regenhard: So ultimately, the mayor of New York at the time, Mr. Giuliani, he has to bear these responsibilities.

62. Riches on camera mixed with footage of Giuliani.   Riches: And I blame Giuliani. He was the leader that day. And he was the leader for the eight years leading up to that.

63. Tallon on camera.   Tallon: I wish I could put him on the stand, where heíd have to put his hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth.

64. Riches on camera.   Riches: Heís not a leader. He is running on 9/11 and itís all a fallacy.

65. Tallon on camera.   Tallon: Thatís what this is all about. Itís the truth of what he did.

66. Gorman on Camera.   Peter Gorman: Heís making millions, tens of millions of dollars on the backs of my members, as far as Iím concerned.

67. McDonnell on camera.   McDonnell: If youíre looking for an effective leader to take this country further; Giuliani is not to be your choice.

68. Cassidy on camera.   Steve Cassidy: On the heroic memory of 343 dead firefighters, he wants to run for president of the United States. Itís a disgrace.

69. GFX: For more information visit  MSX: Up and out.