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LIUNA Makes Final Election Push and Promotes Build America Agenda for the Next Administration

Election Night Ads Call on New President and Congress To Build America, so America Works

Washington, D.C. (October 31, 2008) – Next week on Monday and Tuesday, the Laborers' International Union of North America will make a final push to elect Senator Barack Obama with 48 Hours to Elect a Build America President – a massive member-to-member "get out the vote" phone banking operation that is expected to reach thousands of LIUNA members in battleground states who support Senator Obama.

So far this election cycle, LIUNA's phone banking program resulted in over 100,000 member-to-member conversations about registering to vote, electing a "Build America President" in Barack Obama, early voting and getting involved in the campaign. The program uses sophisticated technology that allows members to volunteer at home or on cell phones from anywhere.

48 Hours to Elect a Build America President will compliment LIUNA's effort on the ground where thousands of volunteers will be out in full force to elect Senator Obama and progressive candidates for Congress and state office. During the 2008 election cycle, LIUNA recruited more than 15,000 volunteers, distributed more than a half-million flyers on job sites, and sent over two million robo-call messages, one million emails, thousands of text messages and delivered six separate mail pieces to its half-million members – the working class voters in battleground states who will decide this election.

LIUNA's $15 million 2008 election budget more than doubles the $6 million the union allocated in 2004 and is five times greater than the $3 million allocated in 2000.
"The stakes in this election are higher for our members, for all working people and for our country than ever before," said LIUNA General President Terry O'Sullivan. "The policies of the last eight years have hurt our economy and left nearly a million construction workers unemployed. We need a change to get people back to work and overwhelmingly our members believe Senator Obama will bring that change."

LIUNA Shifting Focus to Post-Election Build America Agenda

As the polls close on election night, LIUNA will already be shifting its focus to promoting a build America agenda for the next President and Congress. LIUNA will run its television ad "Build" during election night coverage on CNN and MSNBC in Washington, DC and Chicago. The ad issues a call to "fix our roads and bridges, and build the new rail and renewable energy we need" and urges viewers to tell Congress and the new President to "build America so America works."

"Before the dust settles in this election, we are going to be out with our agenda to build America," said O'Sullivan. "In an August speech to our union, Senator Obama announced he will be the 'build America President' and promised to invest needed resources to rebuild our country."

The television spot is part of LIUNA's Build America, so America Works, campaign – an intensive and sustained effort to redirect our nation's priorities and resources to building America and taking care of our basics – the roads, bridges, schools, mass transit and energy systems we all rely on but that have been neglected and underfunded for decades.

In a November session of Congress, LIUNA is calling for economic stimulus that includes $100 billion for needed projects to put people back to work building America. According to Department of Transportation estimates, a $100 billion infusion of funds for crucial ready-to-go projects across the country would create more than 1 million jobs.

"America's workers need paychecks, not stimulus checks," O'Sullivan said. "Jobs building America are too good to keep losing."

In the long term, LIUNA is looking for a nationwide commitment to build America noting the American Society of Civil Engineers gives our basics a near failing grade and estimates $1.6 trillion is needed over the next five years.

"We need a new approach that takes care of America for a change," said O'Sullivan. "Building America is a prudent investment that creates jobs, keeps us safe and moving, our economy growing and commerce running."

The members of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – are on the forefront of the construction industry, a powerhouse of workers who are proud to build America. For more information on Build America so America Works, visit