PRESS RELEASE from Missouri Right to Life
Sept. 5, 2008


Thousands of Pro-Life Missourians have waited, worked and prayed for over a year for this week's nomination of an authentic presidential ticket that reflects Missouri pro-life priorities. In the team of McCain/Palin, they got their wish. The now-nominated Republican ticket gives Missouri “values voters” something to cheer about. MRL's Political Action Committee proudly joins National Right to Life and millions of life-affirming Americans in endorsing the McCain/Palin ticket.

“John McCain understands that America must protect the unborn in law and never allow innocent life to be treated as property. His resolute knowledge that life begins at conception is not a statement of political expedience -- it is a heartfelt belief of fact borne out in his legislative record.  He also understands the importance of the contributions of pro-life voters. Pro-Lifers are the most dedicated workers in political campaigns, and McCain has a chosen an outstanding running mate in Sarah Palin that pro-life activists can strongly support,” said MRL president, Pam Fichter.

Governor Palin, from Alaska, is one of the most exciting candidates to emerge in years. Missouri Right to Life stands in great respect of this accomplished woman, mother, governor, and public servant. Palin is unapologetic and courageous in her defense of the unborn, and has been an example of strength and grace as a mother blessed with five children, including one with special needs. Sarah Palin is a member of Feminists for Life, an organization dedicated to the legacy of American suffragists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who spoke strongly against abortion while working for women's right to vote. Palin will be a great first female, and pro-life, vice president.

In contrast, the Democratic ticket, Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden, have solid records against the protection of innocent human life. In fact, Obama has been recently proven to have mislead Americans about his record on protecting life AFTER birth. He, in fact, did oppose the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. Obama and Biden stand in defense of Roe v. Wade, which usurped the rights of states to restrict abortion. Obama has stated that knowing when babies should be protected is “above his pay grade”, and that pregnancy could be considered a “punishment”. Both Obama and Biden support human cloning, which is strongly opposed by most Americans, including McCain and Palin.

America, and Missouri, need a president and vice president that honor and appreciate life, even life not yet born. Missourians need a ticket to support that respects and reflects their historic position that life is a gift from God and should be protected. Missouri Right to Life will work hard to inform voters during the next two months that John McCain and Sarah Palin is that ticket.