PRESS RELEASE from International Brotherhood of Teamsters
November 4, 2008

Teamsters' Massive Election Push for Change Helps Lead Obama to Historic Victory

(Washington, D.C.) – The Teamsters, the world’s most powerful labor union, unleashed its largest election mobilization in history, helping land Barack Obama in the White House and putting worker-friendly candidates in key offices at every level in the country.

"Our 1.4 million members demanded change and we marshaled our forces in unprecedented numbers for this historic election,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “There is no doubt that we made the difference. I congratulate Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden on their well-deserved victory, and our Teamster members who worked tirelessly on their behalf.”

More than 40,000 Teamsters volunteered for the union’s massive member mobilization efforts. Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Tom Keegel barnstormed key battleground states across the country on multiple trips, talking to Teamster members and motivating them to volunteer and go to the polls for Obama.

Additionally, the Teamsters’ impressive get-out-the-vote push included:

Also, Teamsters conducted precinct walks, canvassed neighborhoods, drove voters to the polls and countless other activities. The union also incorporated new technology, like text messaging, predictive dialer phone banking, national and targeted-state interactive teleforums and microtargeting of swing voters.

"This is a great day -- a historic day," Hoffa said. "Now let's get this country unified and working for regular, middle-class Americans again. We elected a great man, but we can’t stop here because our real work starts now.”