Republicans on the Issues
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A list of 19 issues, each with a paragraph of text.  There is more text on the final issue, immigration. 

-Social Security
-Human Rights
-Reforming the UN
-Culture and Values
-New Homestead Act
-Judicial Reform
-Gun Rights/Second Amendment
-Religious Liberty

One paragraph on each of six issues.

-Cutting Taxes
-Stopping Illegal Immigration
-Defeating Terrorism in Iraq
-Protecting the 2nd Amendment
-Preserving Traditional Values
-Achieving Energy Independence

Three to five sentences on ten issues:

-Fiscal Discipline
-Cutting Taxes
-Winning the War on Terror
-Public Safety
-Second Amendment

"On the Issues" has links to thirteen pages.  In addition there is a "Quick Notes" two-page PDF that one can print out.

-National Security/Foreign Policy: Iraq
-Foreign Policy: Israel
-Education And The Arts
-Health Care
-Faith And Politics
-Sanctity of Life
-2nd Amendment Rights
-National Security/Foreign Policy: War On Terror
-Energy Independence
-Crisis Management

The heading is "Core Principles" rather than "Issues."  There are four options.  "Where I Stand" is a list with ten broad issue areas encompassing 25 more specific points.  The other three are specific pages on Border Enforcement, War on Terror, and Fair Trade.  Border Enforcement includes a video clip.  The other two pages just have a paragraph of text.

-Constitutional Issues
-Judicial Appointments
-Values Issues
-Family and Taxes
-Foreign Policy
-International Law & Institutions
-Empowering the Poor

Nine issue areas each have an introductory sentence or two and a "Read More" link that one can click to get to more detailed pages.  Several of the detailed pages have video clips.  The immigration reform page has a PDF chart ("Immigration Reform: 2007 vs. 1986"), a petition ("Put National Security First: Secure Our Borders"), and links to a number of articles. 

-Government Spending, Lower Taxes and Economic Prosperity
-Human Dignity & the Sanctity of Life
-Lobbying & Ethics Reform
-The Consequences of Failure in Iraq
-Comprehensive Immigration Reform
-Commitment To America's Service Memberes: Past And Present
-National Security
-Stewards of Our Nation's Rich Natural Heritage
-Protecting Second Amendment Rights

Six issue areas each have an introductory sentence or two and a link that one can click to get to more detailed pages:

-Debt and Taxes
-American Independence and Sovereignty
-War and Foreign Policy
-Border Security and Immigration Reform
-Privacy and Personal Liberty
-Property Rights and Eminent Domain

The "Issue Watch" button leads to "Ten Issues America Must Address to Remain the Economic and Military Superpower."  The general format is a paragraph of text and several quotes from Romney (most of the quotes are from 2005 or 2006).  In addition to the ten issues page, there is a "The Romney Agenda" option which is more newsy and has recent quotes and links to video.

-Defeating the Jihadists
-Competing with Asia
-Simplifying the Tax System
-Stopping Runaway Spending
-Getting Immigration Right
-Achieving Energy Independence
-Affirming America's Culture and Values
-Investing in Technology
-Extending Health Insurance to All Americans
-Raising the Bar on Education

Fifteen issue areas, each with a paragraph of text (one has two paragraphs).  In addition, 11 of the issues have a "View a PDF" option; however many of these PDF's are very brief, just a paragraph.  The immigration and abortion issues have a "View a Video" option.

-Gun Control
-Homeland Security
-Fast Track Authority/Trade
-Income Tax
-Social Security
-Judicial Activism
-Gay Marriage
-Political Correctness

Ten issue areas; each has a paragraph of text.  Iraq and Health Care have links that go to detailed pages.

-Defense and Foreign Policy
-Health Care
-Second Amendment
-Taxes and Spending
-Energy and the Environment

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