Posting on Local 328, AFSCME website, updated on May 8, 2008  [Allen is executive director of Oregon AFSCME Council 75 in Portland]

Letter from our Executive Director Ken Allen

Dear AFSCME Leaders & Members,

I found out today that the International Union is sending out another mailing to our members concerning the Presidential race. You should warn your members that this is coming!

The mailing is an attack piece against Oregon AFSCME's recommendation of Senator Obama for President. In it you will be told once again why you should vote for Senator Clinton. President McEntee has chosen to ignore Oregon AFSCME leaders' voices. Our Council Executive Board voted 60-4 to recommend Senator Obama. We sent two letters to President McEntee to request that the International not campaign in Oregon on behalf of Senator Clinton and that they not spend union funds to campaign against Senator Obama.

President McEntee has ignored our requests and sent a mail piece on behalf of Senator Clinton, phoned our members, moved staff to Oregon to assist the Clinton campaign and now are sending off another mailer.

We want to be respectful that this choice ultimately is our members. We made phone calls, sent out one mail piece and one worksite leaflet to notify members of our Obama recommendation.

McEntee's actions are disrespectful to our Oregon leaders, members and a waste of money. Given the status of the race today his efforts are probably meaningless.

We will be taking a resolution to the AFSCME convention in August to create a participatory, democratic endorsement process in the future.

Please encourage your members and co-workers to vote for the candidate of their choice! We are sorry for any confusion the International union is creating.

In Solidarity,

Ken Allen

Executive Director

Oregon AFSCME Council 75