PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

September 12, 2007

Contact: Press Office

National Association of Letter Carriers Endorses Clinton

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of the National Association of Letter Carriers union. The NALC represents 300,000 active and retired city delivery carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service in all 50 states.

“In the primary elections next year, you can count on letter carriers to deliver for Senator Clinton, and I am confident that in the years to come, President Hillary Clinton will deliver for every citizen throughout America,” said NALC President William H. Young. “Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to deliver the change we need. She's ready to lead this country from her first day in the White House.”

Young cited Clinton’s strong support of postal reform legislation and noted she was among the first to support legislation to prohibit the contracting out of carrier jobs to low-wage contractors whose status is used to unfairly deny them health insurance and pension protection. She was the runaway winner of a national survey of NALC members.

“There is nobody better prepared to take up the battle for universal health insurance, and there is no one I would trust more than Senator Clinton to strengthen Social Security in order to keep the promises we have made as a nation to our retirees, our disabled workers and to their survivors,” Young said.

“I am honored to receive the support of the National Association of Letter Carriers,” Clinton said. “These hardworking men and women are part of the fabric of every community in America, and they deserve an advocate in the White House.”