PRESS RELEASE from Communications Workers of America
CWA Union-Wide Political E-Poll Opens Today
October 1, 2007

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CWA Communications

Union members and retirees will cast their e-ballots at

Washington Starting today, the 700,000 members of the Communications Workers of America can go on-line to indicate their choice for President in a first-ever Internet poll of union members.

At, CWA's political website, members and retirees who belong to the union's Retired Members' Council can get information on the candidates, read the answers to specific questions asked by CWA and indicate their choice for President. E-voting will be available from Oct. 1 through Nov. 9.

The critical issues for CWA members and their families are health care, jobs and trade and workers' rights and the Employee Free Choice Act. This membership-wide poll is the first of its kind among unions.

"We want all members to be involved and energized as the political season heats up and CWA is determined to keep a sharp focus on the economic issues that affect the everyday lives of our members," said CWA President Larry Cohen. "Workers' jobs, the well-being of their families and the political process are linked more closely than ever before. That's why CWA is determined to make a difference that produces real results for working families," he said.

Cohen was among three questioners at a political forum in Iowa in August, where six Democratic presidential candidates addressed questions about workers' rights, health care and trade and jobs.

All the presidential candidates Democratic and Republican were asked to provide specific responses to CWA's key issues: the Employee Free Choice Act, health care for all, and trade and jobs. These are posted on CWA's political website,, along with more information on the candidates and links to their campaign sites.