RESOLUTION by the New York State AFL-CIO issued May 3, 2007

Hillary Clinton as New York Labor’s “Favorite Sister”

Whereas, U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton is one of several candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, and

Whereas, as a twice endorsed candidate of the New York State AFL-CIO, Senator Clinton has consistently displayed, through countless deeds and actions, a strong commitment to the needs and concerns of working men and women, and

Whereas, through her seven years as a U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton has worked on far reaching national legislation that would further the cause of all workers, such as supporting an increase in the minimum wage, co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act and the Family Medical Leave Expansion Act, and opposing CAFTA, and

Whereas, Senator Clinton has also worked diligently on local labor issues in New York that sometimes fly under the national radar but are vital to the future of local unions and rank and file members, and

Whereas, Senator Clinton has led the fight on the aforementioned local issues, such as supporting funding for the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Health Care program, calling CEO’s on behalf of numerous local unions to help expedite contract negotiations when the employer had tried to stall talks, expressing support for card-check recognition for local workers who were seeking to form a union, and has made it a priority to be supportive of unions during organizing drives and strikes, and

Whereas, the New York State AFL-CIO represents one out of every seven union members in the country, thus providing the State Labor Federation with a significant voice concerning candidates worthy of labor’s support, and

Whereas, male candidates from a home state receiving support from a group or organization are traditionally referred to as a “favorite son”, and

Whereas, the term “labor brothers and sisters” historically denotes the unity, solidarity and shared sense of purpose amongst union members, as well as their staunchest allies, therefore be it

Resolved, that the New York State AFL-CIO will consider Senator Clinton as a “favorite sister” of the New York State AFL-CIO, and be it further

Resolved, that at the appropriate time, the New York State AFL-CIO will urge the National AFL-CIO to consider Senator Clinton’s extraordinary body of work on behalf of the cause, values and principles of organized labor when deciding Labor’s endorsement for President of the United States.