PRESS RELEASE from Transport Workers Union of America
February 1, 2008

Transport Workers Union Backs Obama
Union that represents public transportation, airline and railroad workers had previously endorsed John Edwards as the Democratic Nominee for President

NEW YORK -- The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), “the union that moves America,” announced today that it is moving its support to Sen. Barack Obama for President of the United States and the union will immediately work to move its members in New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia, Oklahoma and other Super Tuesday states across the nation to support the Obama candidacy.

In making the announcement, TWU President James C. Little said, “We surveyed our members and had meetings with activists before we made an endorsement last fall. It was a hard choice. Our members clearly saw both Senator Edwards and Senator Obama as two leaders who could bring the necessary changes that our nation and its working families require. With Senator Edwards out of the race, our officers found it an easy decision to lend our support to the Obama campaign.”

One of the most politically active unions, TWU has in recent years placed more volunteers in the field on a per-capita basis than any other AFL-CIO union. The union’s membership is especially strong in the early primary and caucus states. The union’s largest local is Local 100 in New York City with more than 30,000 members; TWU is the largest union in Oklahoma and has significant membership in other Super Tuesday states such as California, Georgia and New Jersey.

“We agree with Senator Kennedy’s observation that Barack Obama has ‘extraordinary gifts of leadership and character.’ We in the TWU are excited to be a part of this movement for change,” said Little.

Contact: Jamie Horwitz, 202/549-4921