Iowa Conservatives for Fairness

May 18, 2005

Dear Potential Presidential Candidates,


As leaders of active Iowa organizations, we want to applaud all of the potential presidential candidates who currently serve in the U. S. Senate and have pledged support for an up or down vote on President Bush's judicial nominees, including Senators Allen, Brownback, Frist, and Santorum.  On the other hand, we are concerned about the two potential candidates - Senator McCain, and from our neighboring state of Nebraska, Senator Hagel - who have so far refused to support an up or down vote.

Our organizations are comprised of very knowledgeable and active members.  We know that the senate has never filibustered a judicial nominee who earned majority support.  We also understand that a minority of senators have now hijacked the judicial confirmation process and abused senate rules to prevent an up or down vote.

These extremists filibustered 10 of President Bush's 52 U.S. Circuit Court nominees during his first term and have now threatened to filibuster another seven nominees, including Justices Owen and Brown.  Further, they have gone as far as threatening to shut down the senate if their colleagues allow a simple vote on these nominees.

This is totally unacceptable. The job of a U.S. Senator is to vote.  If individual senators oppose specific judicial nominees, then they should vote against them - not block an up or down vote.

The undersigned organizations want to thank Senators Allen, Brownback, Frist, and Santorum for their courage. Moreover, it is important that Senators Hagel and McCain understand that our organizations will continue to keep our statewide memberships fully informed and educated on how each of the potential presidential candidates in the senate stood on this important issue.  Now is not the time to stand by silently while a band of partisan extremists abuse the senate rules and twist senate history in order to obstruct President Bush's qualified nominees.


Steve Scheffler
Director, Christian Coalition of Iowa
Marlys Popma
Christian Coalition of Iowa
Chuck Hurley
President, Iowa Family Policy Center Action
David M. Stanley
Chairman, Tax Education Foundation 
Edward D. Failor, Sr.
President, Iowans for Tax Relief
Kim Lehman
Executive Director, Iowa Right to Life Committee
Maxine K. Sieleman
Host, KWKY Update Today
Tamara P. Scott
State Director, Concerned Women for America