PRESS RELEASE from New Hampshire for Health Care
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Advisory: Pre-Debate Health Care Rally

Health Care Voters rally for better health care coverage on day of Democratic presidential debate

Hanover, New Hampshire – Today, New Hampshire Health Care Voters will meet in front of the Hanover Inn to support Dartmouth workers rallying for employee health care coverage, touching on a sensitive national topic just hours before the Democratic presidential debate in Hanover.

The rising costs of health care make it difficult for small businesses to provide basic coverage, and corporations are shifting the growing burden directly to their employees, leaving many Americans without affordable coverage. For example, despite over $1 billion growth in Dartmouth College’s endowment over the last two years and approximately $160 million in alumni donations this year alone, workers at the college are expecting to once again face proposals for higher employee health care costs this year.

SEIU Local 560 member Chris Peck says this is happening across the United States.

"Over eighty-percent of those without insurance come from working families," Peck said. "At Dartmouth, SEIU Local 560 is working to make sure hard-working families have access to quality, affordable health care coverage. We need to send the same message to the presidential candidates –health care should be a top priority."

"Any candidate running for president needs a health care plan that addresses how it would cover every American and how it will be funded," said Laura Mick, a Health Care Voter from Manchester. "Finding a way to lower health care costs for both employees and employers is a step in the right direction."

The SEIU Local 560 Health Care Rally will lead into New Hampshire for Health Care’s Pre-Debate Health Care Rally and general visibility prior to the Democratic presidential debate. Participants from both events will also gather for a Health Care Voter Debate Watch Party at Hanover Inn at 9 PM.

What: Pre-Debate Health Care Rally

When: Wednesday, September 26th at 6:30 PM

Where: Across from Hanover Inn, corner of N. Main Street and East Wheelock, Hanover

Who: Health Care Voters and SEIU Local 560 members