Reprinted from Nevada State Education Association website Jan. 17, 2007

NSEA Joins in Lawsuit Seeking Fairness for All Voters

NSEA would like to set the record straight on recent news coverage surrounding a lawsuit about the democratic caucuses.  NSEA has joined individuals and state leaders in a lawsuit to tackle the issue of fairness in the democratic caucuses.

The opportunity is being afforded to some employees on the Las Vegas Strip to take part in at-large precincts; however, this same opportunity is not an option for our members who are working at schools hosting caucuses.  We are supporting this lawsuit because we are advocating for fairness and an open process. If one group of employees has the ability to take part in these important historical events, all employees should get the same consideration.  Our issue has been and will continue to be fairness.

Contrary to media speculation, NSEA has not and will not endorse a presidential candidate.  Our issue is that the process for selection needs to be fair and open and allows ALL our members to participate.

NSEA Joins in Lawsuit Against State Democratic Party