Texts of Letters Prepared for the Jan. 19, 2008 Nevada Democratic Caucuses
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January 19th, 2008

Dear Nevada Democrat,

Welcome to a historic day in Nevada! All across the Silver State, Nevadans are gathering for these exciting caucuses. By caucusing today, you are taking the first step toward electing a Democrat to the White House! We can all be proud that Nevada was chosen as an early caucus state because of the ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic diversity that makes us strong, and we are honored to be the first test of presidential candidates in the West.

As we gather on this particular weekend, we must also remember and honor one of our greatest American leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the truest spirit of Dr. King's legacy, we are all here to make a difference, and there are many ways that you can contribute to the Nevada State Democratic Party to ensure a positive change.

First of all, remember that we are building a movement here-a strong and sustainable statewide organization that will deliver Nevada to our presidential nominee in the fall, pick up congressional seats, take control of the state Senate, build a stronger majority in the state Assembly, and be well-organized and positioned for races in 2010 and beyond. You have all come here for various reasons today, but your continued involvement in the Democratic Party at the precinct-level will help turn and keep Nevada Blue!

Today, please ensure that we have your correct contact information-including e-mail-so that we can keep you up to date about the many organizing events and volunteer opportunities that will keep us all engaged between now and Election Day on November 4th. I cannot urge you strongly enough to keep working in your precincts and talking to your neighbors to build the capacity we will need to turn out in force on Election Day. You should also take a moment to fill out the NSDP activist survey, which will help the party better serve your. needs by identifying your special talents, skills, and prioritles.

It's clear that we have a busy and exciting time ahead of us. For the first time in 15 years, Democrats have a voter registration edge in Nevada, and we need your support to ensure this state votes for our Democratic nominee in 2008! Please make a financial contribution to the Nevada Democratic Party. A donation of $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can contribute helps put us closer to electing a Democrat to the White House.

Thank you for attending your precinct caucus today, and for making history in Nevada. Together, we will turn Nevada Blue!

Best Wishes,

Jill Derby
Chair, Nevada State Democratic Party