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April 2, 2008

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal Endorses Obama

Wyoming Governor and superdelegate Dave Freudenthal endorsed Barack Obama today — the 11th superdelegate endorsement that Barack has received since March 4th.

CHICAGO, IL — Wyoming Governor and Democratic superdelegate Dave Freudenthal today endorsed Barack Obama, citing his history of putting partisanship aside to bring people together across party lines and focus on common-sense solutions.

"The negativity, partisanship and lack of purpose that characterize our national debate and government are crippling this country," Governor Freudenthal said. "While no one individual can effect this change alone, the change must begin with someone.  Senator Obama is the Democratic candidate with the openness, honesty and skill to end this vicious cycle of business as usual."

Freudenthal was elected Governor in 2002 and reelected in 2006. As a popular Democrat in one of the most traditionally Republican states in the country, Freudenthal knows how essential it is for Democrats to be able to articulate a vision that appeals to voters across the ideological spectrum, and to demonstrate a willingness to listen to people on all sides of the debate.

"Governor Freudenthal has shown the pundits and the talking heads that there isn't anyplace in this country where Democrats can't win if we bring people together and focus on the issues that matter to them," Senator Obama said. "I look forward to working with Dave to deliver the kind of change that folks in the West are looking for: making health care affordable, providing a world-class education for every child, and investing in a clean energy future to create jobs, protect the environment, and wean this country off of foreign oil."

Senator Obama won the Wyoming caucuses on March 8 with 61 percent of the vote.