EXCERPT of April 25, 2008 Message from Carl Gutierrez to Family and Friends: "Obama and Our Choices for Guam Democratic Party Officials"

...As a longstanding supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, many of you were surprised by my decision to support Barack Obama for President.  I like Hillary and I know she would make a fine President, but Guam is at a crossroads and I truly believe in my heart that Barack Obama is the last great hope for our island.

Obama was born and raised in Hawaii, lived in Indonesia for a few years during elementary school, graduated high school in Hawaii, and from Harvard with a law degree.  He was raised by his single mother and his grandparents from Kansas.  He fought for the poor and defended their rights as an organizer and lawyer. As a state senator, he made sure that all children in his state had health care.

Throughout his life, he has overcome so much adversity without losing hope or faith.  I identify with him and believe in him.

More than anyone in history, he is the only presidential candidate with a life experience similar to a majority of Guam's people.  His sincere interest in our island and our people was proven when he opened his campaign office in Guam and appointed a member of our family, Joshua Tenorio, to organize it.

Barack Obama's letter to the editor outlining his position on War Reparations and the military buildup demonstrates his commitment to Guam.  His position on these issues is not surprising given the experience of Hawaii during World War II and the large number of military units permanently stationed there.  His commitment to us will be kept.

This is such an important election and I feel so strongly that we must do our part to maximize our support for Barack Obama.  I hope you will consider these issues when you go to the polls on May 3rd...