PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
May 7, 2008

Three Superdelegates Endorse Barack Obama

Chicago, IL - The day after Barack Obama's commanding victory in North Carolina and tight finish in Indiana, three superdelegates today endorsed Barack Obama.

The three previously uncommitted superdelegates endorsing Obama are North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Meek, North Carolina DNC member Jeanette Council, and California DNC member Inola Henry.

These endorsements brings the total number of superdelegates to endorse Obama to 261. Senator Obama is 170 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.

Chairman Meek said, "Over the past year, I've watched as Barack Obama has drawn countless new people to the political process. Although my position as State Chair has led me to remain neutral through the primary, I've quietly celebrated as Barack Obama offered new hope to millions of Americans who have lost faith in the American dream after years of disastrous Republican policies. Rarely does a public servant emerge with Barack Obama's ability to unite our country and produce real change. With Barack Obama as our nominee, North Carolina can deliver its electoral votes to a Democrat and Democratic candidates up and down the ballot will benefit. Barack Obama offers the best chance to take back the White House, elect countless democrats down-ballot, and breathe new life into the Democratic Party."

Jeanette Council said, "I am pleased today to be endorsing Barack Obama as he continues to unite Americans for change. This election is a unique opportunity for all Americans and Barack Obama's campaign has inspired and changed the entire face of our country. His campaign has mobilized new people and welcomed people of all ages, races, backgrounds, attracted everyone from first time voters to voters who have participated their entire adult lives. The way he has built a campaign that reflects his message of hope and change and brought all different communities to the table is unlike any campaign I have ever seen."

Council added, "I am first and foremost a Democrat and the Democratic Party is truly the party of the people, the party of inclusion that wants to engage all people in the political process. This is what Barack Obama has done. Seeing this happen, especially here in North Carolina, has changed me forever and given me hope that we can change this country. I put much thought, consideration and most importantly prayer into this decision, and today I know I am backing a candidate who can put our country on the right path. I'm proud to endorse him today."

POSTING on Obama for America website
May 8, 2008

Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) endorses Barack Obama; Delegate Countdown - 168 To Go

Chicago, IL – Today, United States Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) endorsed Barack Obama, citing his commitment to fighting for policies that honor America’s working families and his leadership taking on the subprime mortgage crisis.

Miller is a superdelegate from North Carolina.  His endorsement bring the total number of superdelegates to endorse Obama to 263.  Senator Obama is 168 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination. 

Congressman Miller said, “Senator Obama understands that he has the chance not just to win the election this year, but to be a great president. Americans know that Republican policies have failed because their ideas are wrong. Americans know that our government has not acted, to use Franklin Roosevelt’s words, as trustees for the whole people, but have taken the side of powerful economic interests on every issue. Americans want a fundamental change in course.  Senator Obama has seized that opportunity.

 “If Senator Obama and Democratic candidates up and down the ticket win this year and then deliver next year, we can build a consensus that will last a generation.

 “I look forward to serving on a unified Democratic ticket with Senator Obama.  He has shown great vision, strength and resilience during a very tough campaign against a worthy opponent.” 

Senator Obama said, “We are grateful today for Congressman Brad Miller’s support. In this time of economic turmoil, Congressman Miller has shown real leadership in fighting to crack down on predatory lenders and provide relief for struggling homeowners. Our campaign was fortunate to have record numbers of voters turn out to support our movement for change this week in North Carolina, and I’m proud to have Congressman Miller’s support as we continue this fight to bring about real change for families across the country.”