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May 14, 2008

OK Superdelegate Endorses Obama; Delegate Countdown - 134.5 to go

Chicago, IL – Today, Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan, who is a designated superdelegate for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, endorsed Barack Obama for president, citing Obama’s strong commitment to uniting our country for the change America needs after eight years of a divisive political climate and the help he will give to down ballot candidates this fall. 

Morgan’s endorsement means that Obama has been endorsed by 288.5 superdelegates. Obama is 134.5 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination. 

Morgan said, “Senator Obama embodies the character of a leader that I believe all Oklahomans and all Americans want—principled and strong and ready to change the way business is done in Washington.  He understands bringing people together and giving everyone a seat at the table will move our state and our country forward, and I deeply admire that about Senator Obama.” 

Morgan, who serves on the board of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee whose mission it is to elect Democrats in all 50 states, said key to his decision to support the Illinois Senator was Obama’s electability and how having Obama at the top of the ticket will help down ballot candidates this fall.  

Morgan added, “The job of the DLCC is to ensure Democrats are positioned to win in legislatives races throughout the United States.  Senator Obama’s message is spreading like wildfire and creating enthusiasm from voters unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime.  I believe that enthusiasm will affect down ballot races—helping elect Democrats to legislative seats in record numbers and ultimately lending a voice to the causes about which all Americans care deeply.” 

Senator Obama said, “I am grateful for Senator Morgan’s support.  He has been in the trenches as a Democratic legislator in Oklahoma, and has worked hard to bring two parties together to create real change in his home state.  This November, we have a chance to win in so-called “red states” like Oklahoma and unite Americans for change.  That change happens in state houses all across this country and I am proud to have his support.”