PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
September 15, 2008

Hundreds of National Women Leaders Throw Support Behind Barack Obama

Chicago, IL -- Today, the Obama campaign announced the support of hundreds of national women leaders in fields ranging from business to women’s rights, from astronauts to athletes, from former governors to cabinet secretaries.  The support of these accomplished women demonstrates the depth and breadth of support for Senator Obama and how his message of change is resonating with women across the country.  These women will be involved with many aspects of the campaign, sharing insight on their fields of expertise, carrying Barack Obama’s positive message of change, discussing what’s at stake in this election and, where appropriate, pushing back on false attacks.
“Change has never been easy, it’s always been hard-fought with bumps and bruises along the way, but these women leaders have had the tenacity to charge on. I am honored to have the support of such remarkable women who have broken down barriers and paved the way for change for my daughters and generations of women. In accepting their support I also accept the great responsibility to carry the torch by advancing women’s rights and bringing the change women need,” said Senator Barack Obama. “For every Sally Ride, Tory Burch, or Billie Jean King, there are hundreds of young women out there whose dreams seem a little more possible. As president, I will work to safeguard and support those dreams for my daughters and future generations of Americans through policies that further opportunity for all.”
“As the son of a single mother, Senator Obama embodies the American dream and is on the side of working women. For generations, women have fought to advance their rights and achieve equality,” said Stacey Snider, Chairman of DreamWorks who was named as one of Fortune’s 50 most powerful women in business.  “We are indebted to them for opening doors that were previously locked shut. But there is still work to be done. Women still just make 77 cents for every dollar men make for the same work. Senator Obama is the presidential candidate with a record for standing up for women; and he will advance our rights by enacting laws that close the income gap. In this defining moment in our history, women must exercise our vote and elect Barack Obama president in November.” 
“Barack Obama understands the struggles that middle class Americans are facing every day,” said Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive Vice President Emerita, AFL-CIO.  “John McCain has voted with President Bush 90% of the time and will continue the failed policies of that administration.  In contrast, Barack Obama will open the doors of opportunity for the middle class by reducing their taxes, protecting their jobs, making college affordable, and ensuring that every American has access to quality, affordable health care.  He will strengthen families by making equal pay for equal work a reality, expanding family leave, and securing our seniors’ retirement security.  I am proud to support Barack Obama.”
“There is no doubt that Barack Obama has awakened a new generation of political involvement in America,” said motivational speaker and Olympic gold-medalist and first African-American to win an individual Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics Dominique Dawes.  “He speaks to the hope and personal responsibility that inspires my generation.  I am proud to endorse Barack Obama because I know he will work to ensure that the American dream is within reach for every child across the country.”
The national women leaders supporting Barack Obama include (list in formation; organization affiliations are listed for identification purposes only and should not be interpreted as the endorsement of the respective not for profit/corporate organizations):
·         Diane Greene, Founder and Former CEO, VMware, CA




Monday, September 15, 2008 

Contact: Moira Mack, Obama Press Office