Barack Obama-Organization, Alaska
revised July 11, 2008

OBAMA FOR AMERICA (announced Feb. 10, 2007)
Headquarters:  2602 Fairbanks St., Anchorage, AK 99503  907-258-3020
State Director Kat Pustay
Initially the campaign's political/press director.  Legislative aide for state Sen. Bill Wielechowski.  Experience also includes associate for Defenders of Wildlife.
Field Director Chris Farrell

Volunteer Coordinator Andrew Gall

initial State Director Joe Hardenbrook
Creating Alaska project coordinator on The 49th Star, a project to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Constitutional Convention in 2005-06.  Earned degree in political science and history from University of Alaska Fairbanks.

endorsed by former Gov. Tony Knowles (Dec. 28, 2007)

More Endorsements (list provided by the campaign Feb. 4, 2008)
Mike Williams, Akiak
Eleanor Andrews, Anchorage
Tim Argetsinger, Anchorage
Ethan Berkowitz, Anchorage
Ryan Buchholdt, Anchorage
Yvonne Chase, Anchorage
Danny Consenstein, Anchorage
Chris Cooke, Anchorage
Barbara Donatelli, Anchorage
Jeff Feldman, Anchorage
April Ferguson, Anchorage
Katherine Ferguson, Anchorage
Susanne Fleek-Green, Anchorage
Lanie Fleischer, Anchorage
Les Gara, Anchorage
Celeste Graham Hodge, Anchorage
Elvi Gray-Jackson, Anchorage
Jack Hansen, Anchorage
Lindsey Holmes, Anchorage
Heather Kendall Miller, Anchorage
Susan Knowles, Anchorage
Lloyd Miller, Anchorage
Jim Posey, Anchorage
Pat Pourchot, Anchorage
Thelma Snow-Jackson, Anchorage
Jack Sterne, Anchorage
Herb Turner, Anchorage
Anneslia Turner, Anchorage
Bill Wielechowski, Anchorage
Catherine Williams, Anchorage
Cal  Williams, Anchorage
Mary Pete, Bethel
Mark Regan, Bethel
John White, Bethel
Bruce Balter, Dillingham
Joe Hardenbrook, Fairbanks
Clyde Mayo, Jr., Fairbanks
Karen Perdue, Fairbanks
Brian D. Rogers, Fairbanks
Eliza Hutchinson, Ft. Yukon
Doug Chilton, Juneau
Andy Ebona, Juneau
Kim Elton, Juneau
Gretchen Garrett, Juneau
Nora Marks-Dauenhauer, Juneau
George Rogers, Juneau
Bob Weinstein, Ketchikan
Pete Schaeffer, Kotzebue
Tim Towarak, Unalakleet
Byron Mallot, Yakutat

and endorsed by
Juneau Empire   (02/01/08)
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