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February 5, 2008 primary: Regional Organization (back to main page)
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(Sept. 15, 2007 grab)
Headquarters: 3333 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 950, Los Angeles, CA 90010  213.383.2008
                      436 14th St., Suite 305, Oakland, CA 94612  510.268.1008   ...opened Sept. 30, 2007

Regional Field Directors

Northern Calif. Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont
Operational organizer at the Peoples Organizing Committee, 2007.  Graduate of Mills College, 2003.
Bay Area (11 CDs) Brent Messenger
Lead singer for the San Francisco indie band Every Move a Picture; has worked for and moderate Republican Brooks Firestone's campaign for state legislature in Santa Barbara.  Degree in political science.
Southern Calif.
Daniel Tamm
Staffer on Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor campaign in 2005.  Executive Board Member of the California Democratic Party starting in Jan. 2005.  Organized for John Kerry for President starting in 2003; political activism started by opposition to the war in Iraq.   In the early 1970s Tamm studied history and theater at Denison University for a couple of years and studied drama at the Julliard School.
Southern Calif. (9 CDs) Andrea Slater
Experience includes political organizer at SEIU Local 1000.
Orange County (CDs 41, 43 and 44) Jocelyn Anderson
(succeeded Benjamin Escobedo approx. Nov. 2007)  Attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Michigan, 1996-98.  Volunteered on the 1992 and 1996 Clinton campaigns.
San Diego LM Clinton


Regional Field Offices and Organizers
Northern California
Oakland - 436 14th St., Suite 305 Gia Calvillo
 ...opened Sept. 30, 2007

Palo Alto  -  3892 El Camino Real   Owen Byrd
...grand opening Jan. 13, 2008

Sacramento  -  2015 Q Street   Jennifer Guro
...grand opening Dec. 20, 2007

San Francisco  - 1874 Market Street   Harry Kruglik

South San Francisco -  435 Grand Ave., Suite A    April Vargas

San Jose  -  410 East Santa Clara Street    Brad Jenkins, Luke McGowan
...grand opening Jan. 13, 2008

Santa Rosa - 676 Larkfield Center Cheri Ross

Sausalito -  10 Liberty Ship Way   Gail Hurley

Fresno     ...Kara Hughes, Regional Field Organizer for CDs 19, 20 and 21

Southern California
Pasadena  -  37 E. Union Street    Laura Lee-Chin

Riverside  -  3547-3555 Market Street    Linnie Bailey   [See: Jose Antonio Vargas.  "Something Just Clicked: An Obama Delegate's Road to Politics Began With an Online Donation."  Washington Post, June 10, 2008.]
...grand opening Jan. 13, 2008

San Bernardino  -  374 W. Court St., Ste. E207   Rich Ryan, Nik Swiatek
...grand opening Jan. 13, 2008

San Diego  -  560 Beech Street, Basement
 ...grand opening Dec. 2, 2007

Santa Ana  -  210 North Broadway Street    Gustavo Delgado
 ...grand opening Jan. 13, 2008

Santa Barbara  -  618 Anacapa Street, Suite A    Tania Israel

South Los Angeles  -  8733 S. Western Ave.   Jocelyn Woodards

Van Nuys - 14529 Archwood St. Anuj Gupta

Venice  - 1410 Abbott Kinney Blvd    BJ Donovan, Angelina Burnett

East Los Angeles volunteer center – 5350 Beverly Blvd
...opened Jan. 30, 2008

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