PRESS RELEASE from the Democratic National Committee

For Immediate Release
May 3, 2007
Contact: Stacie Paxton

DNC Launches New Web Page Holding GOP Presidential Contenders Accountable

Washington, DC – As the Republican presidential contenders prepare to debate tonight, the Democratic National Committee takes a closer look at each of the candidates and potential GOP candidates and the real stories behind the records they are trying to tout to the public. Unfortunately, the candidates’ records illustrate more of the same failed policies and no new ideas for America’s future. Today, the DNC launched a new section of its web site,, providing an up-to-date, comprehensive look at all of the Republican candidates and where they stand on issues ranging from Iraq to Social Security to ethics and taxes.

The DNC is also circulating updated research reports, holding the leading Republican contenders accountable. The DNC is helping America get to know the Rudy You Don’t Yet Know, looking at Rudy’s real record as New York City’s Mayor, his 9-11 record, his lucrative career after he left office and his friends and business associates, including Bernie Kerik who is just one of the many characters who will surface in Giuliani’s campaign. The DNC also asks: Will John McCain really do anything to win? And it provides a closer look at Mitt Romney, his position changes, campaign gaffes and strategists – a Who’s Who list of dirty political advisors.

DNC Research Director Mike Gehrke will provide additional insight and information as he blogs live from the debate.

“The GOP contenders are only offering more of the same failed policies and misplaced priorities that Americans are already rejecting,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. “America is tired of the Bush Administration and Republican way of doing business that places its politics ahead of doing what’s best for the American people. Democrats are offering a real vision for America’s future, a change in direction, and a plan to get our troops out of an Iraqi civil war.”