PRESS RELEASE from [note: "not affiliated with any national political party."]

Date: December 27, 2007

Alabama Constitution Party endorses Ron Paul for President

The State Central Committee of the Alabama Constitution Party (ACP) has endorsed Republican Dr. Ron Paul for President. Dr. Paul's campaign slogan is HOPE FOR AMERICA. We feel that Dr. Paul may be AMERICA'S LAST HOPE to return this country to it's Constitution.

Dr. Paul is the only presidential candidate that complies with the ACP Platform. Pro life, delivering over 4000 babies, end the IRS, end illegal immigration, bring our troops home from no-win "police actions", protect our privacy and stop the national ID card and stop unconstitutional spending leading us to bankruptcy.

The ACP is an independent state political party and not affiliated with any national political party. It has previously run candidates for state offices in Alabama and most recently spear-headed the effort to run a write-in vote for Judge Roy Moore for Governor in the last general election resulting in the most write-in ever for the governorship.