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Sept. 8, 2005--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told about 800 senior activists gathered for the Alliance for Retired Americans' 2005 Legislative Conference that although President Bush's proposals to change Social Security appear to be at a standstill, "we have to remain vigilant."  "Do not be in any way lulled into a false sense of confidence," Clinton stated.  Clinton envisaged that if President Bush's proposals were implemented  the day would come where retirees would be told "well, we'll have to check the stock market for you" rather than receiving guaranteed Social Security benefits.  Bush's ownership society means "you're on your own," Clinton said.  Clinton, who visited refugees from Hurricane Katrina in Houston on Monday, noted that one concern some seniors had was how they would get their Social Security checks.  (Clinton on Tuesday called for creation of an independent national commission, the Katrina Commission, to examine federal response to the hurricane and said she would introduce legislation to restore FEMA as an independent agency). 
The Alliance for Retired Americans claims to represent three million retired union workers and senior community activists.  After speeches from Clinton and a union leader, attendees headed to Capitol Hill for a rally and to lobby Congressmen and Senators.  (Below) Edmond Martin of Boothwyn, PA, Ronald Dull of Youngstown, OH and an unidentified activist respond to Clinton's speech.  Later several attendees commented favorably on Sen. Clinton.  Albert Thomas, a retired AFGE member from Griffith, IN, stated, "She's just like her husband...she's dynamic."  Ed Creegan, a retired CWA member from New York, recalled how Sen. Clinton had once stayed at a meeting he attended for three hours, making sure to answer every question.  "I love her," he said. 
Aliance for Retired Americans
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
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