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June 11, 2006--Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, talks with reporters after an appearance on ABC News' "This Week."  Among other subjects, he addressed Republicans' win in the June 6 special election to replace convicted Rep. Duke Cunningham in California's 50th congressional district, which observers are studying for portents into the November 7 mid-term elections. 

"I've been quoted many times as saying all politics is local," Reynolds said.  "Clearly the number one issue was immigration.  Our candidate, Brian Bilbray identified completely where his message was.  It resonated with the voters.  And I saw Ms. Busby about the same type of vote as Kerry got in that district in the past.  So we want to raise local issues just as I intend to see the fall elections won by district by district, all politics is local, contrast between two local candidates on local issues.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D) appeared on the show from Chicago.  He told host George Stephanopoulos that what the Republicans "really did is avoid a disaster."  "The Republican Party spent $5 million, the most they've ever spent, in an overwhelmingly Republican district and eked out a victory," Emanuel said.  [Ed. note. news accounts put the figure at "over $4.5 million."]

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