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September 21, 2006--Speaking to National Journal's Policy Council, Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) outlined four elements of health care reform in Massachusetts.  First, the state reined in excessive growth in Medicaid.  Second it has aggressively pursued electronic medical records.  Third, a transparency initiative directs state employees to low cost, high quality providers and a web-based system provides cost and quality data for consumers.  Finally, the element which has drawn the most attention is the state's effort to get everybody in the system, thereby ending "free riders."  

Several of the questioners asked whether the Massachusetts reforms could be implemented nationally.  Romney did not favor a one size fits all approach, as he outlined some special circumstances in Massachussetts, and said other states may face a different set of challenges.  

Before his speech, Gov. Romney spoke briefly with several of his high school classmates.
Governor's Health Care Plan
National Journal's Policy Council

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