Press Releases Sent Out Following Univision Democratic Forum

PRESS RELEASE from Dodd for President

Presidential Candidate Connects with Latino Community, Highlights Mastery of Issues

For Immediate Release
September 9, 2007

Hari Sevugan  Colleen Flanagan

MIAMI - A day after unveiling his comprehensive Cuba policy, Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd - fluent in Spanish from his service in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic - again displayed his leadership, firm grasp of the issues at hand and proven experience at the first ever Spanish language presidential forum. Dodd, long considered an expert on Latin American affairs, illustrated his broad appeal to the community by highlighting his strong commitment to the issues most important to Latinos.

"We're allowing Hugo Chavez to win a public relations battle in Latin America because we don't invest enough and care enough about people who are suffering in this part of the world. We have 1.6 billion dollars for all of Latin America. We'll spend 500 billion dollars in Iraq for a nation of twenty-five million people. A fraction of that could make a difference in Latin America," said Dodd, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, and Narcotics Affairs.

"We can have these health care plans, but we need leadership in this country that knows how to get it done. We can all talk about these ideas, but no one party is going to decide these issues. It's going to take political leadership that can build these coalitions as I have done over my 26 years in the Senate, bringing people together - Republicans and Democrats to get a national universal health care system in America - Americans deserve no less than that," said Dodd, the author of the landmark Family and Medical Leave Act which has prevented millions of Americans from choosing between the job they need and the family they love. Dodd recently put forward a health care plan that would provide affordable, universal health care coverage to all Americans within 4 years.

"The question is whether or not we're going to sit on the sidelines or be a part of this transition in Cuba. Fifty years of this policy, of the embargo, has basically left the same man in power, the same repressive politics, an economy that is failing the country. He's been using that as an excuse for his own failures. As President of the United States I would begin to unravel that embargo. I would lift travel restrictions so Cuban Americans can go visit their families. We need to engage in a constructive and positive way, this is hurting us and countries throughout the Americas. Our ability to engage the rest of the hemisphere is directly related to our ability to engage intelligently in this transition. It takes new bold leadership to do this. We need to understand that the hopes and aspirations of the Cuban people are as important as anything to us," said Dodd, who yesterday unveiled his comprehensive Cuba policy.

"Chris Dodd once again showed that he has the depth of understanding and experience on the issues that the next President will need," said Dodd's Campaign Manager Sheryl Cohen. "His vision for America reflects his experience, his ability to connect with the American people and his understanding of our most complex issues. We're looking forward to building off the momentum generated tonight to continue to spread our message."

"Chris Dodd's commitment to the Latino community and his proven track record of success set him apart," said Dodd Campaign Co-Chair Xavier Becerra, a former chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. "From putting forward a truly universal health care plan to being the only candidate to call for free community college for all, Senator Dodd's bold policies make him the best candidate to turn this country around after the failures of the Bush-Cheney administration."


Hari Sevugan
Communications Director
Dodd for President
"[Chris Dodd] know[s] more about Latin America than anybody in the Congress?" - Bill Clinton 6/12/00

PRESS RELEASE from Richardson for President

Bill Richardson Winner of Univision Democratic Presidential Forum
Richardson challenges the other candidates on Iraq and vows to reform immigration policy

For Immediate Release
September 9, 2007
 Contact: Pahl Shipley

MIAMI, FL-- Tonight at the Univision Democratic Presidential Forum, the first-ever Presidential forum sponsored by a Spanish-language television network, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson clearly demonstrated why he is the best candidate to end the war in Iraq and move America forward.

Latinos currently comprise 14% of the U.S. population and are growing in importance in the political sphere.

"Latinos are the heart of the American mainstream," Governor Richardson said. "I am very proud to be the first Latino Democratic candidate to run for President. I think any way this country can promote diversity is important. Latinos care about all issues, including health care and the war in Iraq. We are mainstream. I was under the impression that, in this debate, Spanish was going to be permitted. I have always supported Univision throughout my career. But I am disappointed today that 43 million Latinos cannot hear one of their own speak Spanish."

Once again, Senators Clinton and Obama and John Edwards refused to tell the American people how many troops they would leave behind in Iraq.

"I would bring them all home-- all of them," Richardson said. "At the last debate, I asked Senators Obama and Clinton and John Edwards how many troops they would leave in Iraq. Under the plans on their Web sites, they leave 25,000, 50,000, or 75,000 troops behind. I bring them all home within a period of 6 to 8 months. Our kids are becoming targets-- they are dying. Iraqis are dying. This is the basic, but important, difference between all of us here."

As Governor of a border state, Richardson has had firsthand experience with immigration issues and believes in comprehensive and humane immigration reform that keeps families together. Governor Richardson’s record demonstrates his long-standing support for hard-working Latino immigrants in the United States.

"I would get comprehensive immigration reform done in my first year," Richardson said. "I want everyone to look at the Statue of Liberty-- it is a symbol of freedom and diversity because we are a nation of immigrants. This is what I have proposed in my plan: stronger border security, a stronger relationship with Mexico, and the enforcement of laws that punish employers for hiring illegal immigrants. But what is fundamental is a path to legalization. The wall is a horrendous example of what is wrong with our current approach to immigration reform. Congress only funded half of the wall. You know, if you build a 12-foot wall, people will get 13-foot ladders."

Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd, and Obama all voted for the legislation to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I would stop raids," Richardson added. "What they represent is a dysfunctional relationship between the Congress and the President, which has been the cause of this immigration crisis. These raids are ineffective and are a symbol of what is wrong with our broken-down system. I object to the dehumanizing of people-- it is not just a question of legislation, it is a question of leadership. But it also involves an earned legalization plan that does not split families apart."

Richardson reinforced his commitment as President to improve the American educational system by investing in our teachers and improving our children’s aptitude in math and science. In addition, Richardson will do away with the failed policy of No Child Left Behind.

"I am a strong supporter of bilingual education," Richardson said. "We need pre-school for every child and full-day kindergarten. We are 29th in the world in math and science. This is unacceptable. As for No Child Left Behind, I would scrap it. It hampers bilingual education. It hampers English-language students. What we also need to do is to fund universal education-- a Dream Act for college students. I have a plan that provides college loans for every year of public service."

PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President


Hillary at the Univision Forum: The Strength and Experience to Make Change Happen

At tonight's Univision Presidential Candidates Forum in Miami, Hillary reiterated her commitment to ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home safely as soon as possible. She made clear that the upcoming report from Gen. Petraeus will not change the fact there are no military solutions in Iraq - only political ones- and that we must redeploy our troops and stop asking them to referee a civil war.

Hillary also outlined her support for comprehensive immigration reform, pledging to secure our borders while providing an earned path to legal citizenship. And she would stand up against growing anti-immigrant sentiments and honor America's heritage and values as a nation of immigrants.

With 47 million Americans lacking health insurance, Hillary vowed to establish universal healthcare that includes quality, affordable coverage for every American.

Hillary left today's forum in a position of strength among Latino voters in key early states and nationwide, drawing 59% of the Latino vote in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.

PRESS RELEASE from the Democratic National Committee

For Immediate Release
September 9, 2007
Contact: Luis Miranda

Dean Statement on Univision Democratic Candidates' Forum

Washington, DC - Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement on the Democratic presidential candidates and their participation in the Univision Democratic Presidential Candidates' Forum. A similar Republican forum will not take place given that most Republican candidates refused to participate, even though just this week the Wall Street Journal reported that the Republican Party is facing "a broader erosion of...appeal" particularly among three crucial groups: "younger voters, Hispanics and independents." [Wall Street Journal, 9/5/07]

"Every Democratic candidate, through their participation at tonight's forum, made it clear that the Democratic Party is the party that welcomes Hispanics and that shares their values. The refusal of Republican candidates to address the Hispanic community not just at this forum but in national Hispanic gatherings in recent months, speaks volumes. Sadly it is consistent with the Republican Party's strategy to scapegoat Hispanic immigrants for political gain.

"Tonight our Democratic field of candidates articulated clear plans for addressing the challenges facing families all across America. The Democratic field of candidates also showed a stark contrast with the divisiveness and hate-filled rhetoric coming from the Republican Presidential candidates and from their shrinking Party. While the Republican presidential candidates look like something out of the 1950s and talk like they belong in the 1850s, the Democratic field of presidential candidates is not just the strongest, but most diverse field either party has ever had.

"Tonight the choice for 2008 was clear: Democrats who offer real leadership based on our core values of freedom, fairness and facing the future with strength and optimism, or Republicans who offer more of the same failed leadership we've had from the Bush Administration."


PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President

September 9, 2007

CONTACT: Romney Press Shop


Boston, MA – Al Cardenas, the Chairman of Romney for President's National Hispanic Steering Committee, issued the following statement regarding tonight's Democrat presidential forum on Univision:

"Tonight's Univision forum demonstrated once again the consequences that a President Clinton, President Obama or President Edwards would have on the Hispanic community.  Whether it's tax increases for families and the two million Hispanic business owners, socialist-style health care, coddling dictators, opposing free trade with our allies or putting family values last, the Democrat presidential candidates made clear how out of sync their policies are with the best interests of the Hispanic community.

"Mitt Romney has put in the effort to reach out to this vital bloc, and, after watching tonight's debate, I am confident his vision for the Hispanic community and all Americans will trounce the Democrats' vision in any match-up