PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President

Monday, February 4, 2008
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Governor Mitt Romney Announces The Romney For President Georgia County Chairs

Boston, MA Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the Georgia Romney for President County Chairs. The men and women who make up this team are leading the efforts for Governor Romney in Georgia and spreading his message of change in Washington.

Making today's announcement, Governor Romney said, "The Georgia Leadership Team is an impressive list of grassroots activists and respected leaders from every part of the state, and I am honored to have them on my team. Together, we will work to strengthen our economy, our military and our families."

"Governor Romney is the candidate of conservative change and is the sole leader with the experience to transform Washington," said Romney for President Campaign State Co-Chair, Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter. "This list of leaders in Georgia is a reflection of the strength of Governor Romney's message and we will work together toward victory on Tuesday."

Romney For President Georgia County Chairs:

Athens-Clarke County:

- Representative Bob Smith, Honorary Co-Chair
- Wendy McNiven, Chair

Augusta-Richmond County:

- Robert Ranc, Chair

Bartow County:

- Representative Jeff Lewis, Honorary Co-Chair
- Patrick Miller, Chair

Berrien County:

- Jake Cannon, Chair
- Chris West, Co-Chair

Bibb County:

- Kimberly Rowell, Chair

Bleckley County:

- Cristina Arnold, Chair
- Lee Barnett, Co-Chair
- Rodney Cordle, Co-Chair

Bryan County:

- Brian Skibicki, Chair

Camden County:

- James Gainey, Chair
- Patricia Viellenave, Co-Chair

Catoosa County:

- Amy Tharpe, Chair

Chatham County:

- Randolph Bishop, Chair
- Trudie Dodd, Co-Chair
- Stephen Lambeth, Co-Chair
- Thomas Dodd, Team Leader

Cherokee County:

- Lori Pesta, Chair
- Helmut Baxter, Co-Chair
- Doug Marr, Co-Chair
- David Asay, Team Leader
- Chance Hammock, Team Leader
- Eric Johnson, Team Leader
- Pat Wilder, Team Leader
- Tom Wilder, Team Leader

Clinch County:

- James Stovall, Chair

Cobb County:

- Congressman Phil Gingrey, Honorary Co-Chair
- Congressman Tom Price, Honorary Co-Chair
- Anna Cablik, Honorary Co-Chair
- Representative Matt Dollar, Honorary Chair
- Commissioner Sam Olens, Honorary Co-Chair
- Greg Watkins, Chair
- Robert Gaskin, Co-Chair
- Charles Williams, Co-Chair
- Jane Whittle, Co-Chair
- Christina Fair, Team Leader
- John C. Gardiner, Team Leader
- Brandi Giddens, Team Leader
- Tom Hatch, Team Leader
- John Melonakos, Team Leader
- Jenny Praser, Team Leader
- Lydia Roper, Team Leader
- Shanna Watkins, Team Leader
- Scott Wilson, Team Leader
- David Yandow, Team Leader

Coffee County:

- Hans Ove Nilsen, Chair

Columbia County:

- Briana Cleary, Chair
- Stephen Luke, Co-Chair
- Kimberly Wright, Team Leader
- Thaddeus Wright, Team Leader

Columbus-Muscogee County:

- Reagan Mann, Chair

Coweta County:

- Theodore Brandley, Chair
- Keith Cotrell, Co-Chair
- Tim Antrim, Co-Chair

Dawson County:

- Eric Pennington, Chair

Decatur County:

- Ryan Cleveland, Chair

Dekalb County:

- Representative Fran Millar, Honorary Chair
- Dan Israel, Chair
- Michael Cowan, Co-Chair
- Chris Anderson, Team Leader
- Jeff Jacobs, Team Leader
- David Jordan, Team Leader
- Liam Partin, Team Leader
- Marc Smith, Team Leader

Douglas County:

- Bryan Tolar, Chair

Fayette County:

- Ben Johnson, Chair
- Louise Johnson, Co-Chair
- Randy Gooden, Co-Chair

Floyd County:

- Caitlin Carroll, Chair

Forsyth County:

- Joshua Shorr, Chair
- Dick Gellner, Co-Chair
- Ryan Howells, Team Leader
- Jim Hunt, Team Leader
- Craig Loveland, Team Leader
- Sonny Rincon, Team Leader
- Stacey Shorr, Team Leader
- Anne Marie Sutherland, Team Leader
- Erick Ward, Team Leader

Fulton County:

- Congressman Tom Price, Honorary Co-Chair
- Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter, Honorary Co-Chair
- Representative Jan Jones, Honorary Co-Chair
- Representative Ed Lindsey, Honorary Co-Chair
- Representative Chuck Martin, Honorary Co-Chair
- Senator Dan Moody, Honorary Co-Chair
- Mayor Mike Bodker, Honorary Co-Chair
- Spence Pryor, Honorary Co-Chair
- Oscar Persons, Honorary Co-Chair
- Fred Cooper, Honorary Co-Chair
- Nancy Coverdell, Honorary Co-Chair
- Ric Mayfield, Honorary Co-Chair
- Eric Tanenblatt, Honorary Co-Chair
- Frank Strickland, Honorary Co-Chair
- Ben Vinson, Honorary Co-Chair
- Ross Singletary, Honorary Co-Chair
- Ray Smith III, Chair
- Teresa Chappell, Co-Chair
- Ashley Jenkins, Co-Chair
- Stephanie Milner, Co-Chair
- Jaime Aguilera, Team Leader
- Todd Benson, Team Leader
- Paul Broft, Team Leader
- Matthew Comlish, Team Leader
- Brian Diesselhorst, Team Leader
- Rachel Haughey, Team Leader
- Rob Gregory, Team Leader
- Alex Kaufman, Team Leader
- Tina Khera, Team Leader
- Edmund Lord, Team Leader
- Edmund McAfee, Team Leader
- Amber Woodward, Team Leader
- John Woodward, Team Leader

Gilmer County:

- Brian Laurens, Chair

Glynn County:

- Lamar Echols III, Chair
- Jeffrey Gaskin, Co-Chair

Gwinnett County:

- Representative David Casas, Honorary Co-Chair
- Representative Brooks Coleman, Honorary Co-Chair
- Jose Perez, Honorary Co-Chair
- Allen Stewart, Chair
- Tyson Martin, Co-Chair
- Catherine Martin, Co-Chair
- Matt Hutchison, Team Leader
- Rebecca Opp, Team Leader
- Steven Shema, Team Leader
- William Tayler, Team Leader
- Wayne Wagner, Team Leader
- Billy Wise, Team Leader

Habersham County:

- Ryan Boland, Chair

Hall County:

- Chad Poole, Chair
- Dot Burns, Co-Chair
- Hannah Espinoza, Team Leader

Haralson County:

- Miles Mobley, Chair

Houston County:

- Marty Cain, Chair

Jackson County:

- Amy Gibson, Chair

Jones County:

- Rusty Boland, Chair

Laurens County:

- Louise Shackelford, Chair

Lee County:

- Steven Rollins, Chair

Lowndes County:

- Tom Rockenbach, Chair
- Dennis Carlson, Co-Chair
- Jon Pennell, Co-Chair
- Chelsey De Jong, Team Leader

Lumpkin County:

- Al Parker, Chair
- Brandon Reynolds, Co-Chair

Murray County:

- Jack Rogers, Chair

Newton County:

- Layla Zon, Chair

Oconee County:

- Representative Bob Smith, Honorary Co-Chair
- Newton Tilson, Chair
- Jay Hanley, Co-Chair
- Sherry LaBoon, Co-Chair
- Jason Campbell, Team Leader

Paulding County:

- Annie Ashment-McCarthy, Chair
- Danielle Singleton, Co-Chair

Peach County:

- Tom Morill, Chair

Spalding County:

- Deidre Gunnels, Chair
- Christopher Gunnels, Co-Chair

Sumter County:

- Mary M. Hodges, Co-Chair
- Brenda Coffman, Chair

Toombs County:

- Meredith Ingram, Chair

Troup County:

- Clint Tankersley, Chair
- Kathryn Hart, Co-Chair

Upson County:

- Marlin Adams, Chair

Whitfield County:

- Nolan Wehr, Chair