PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President
May 1, 2007
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Boston, MA Today, Romney for President announced the formation of "Michigan Students for Romney," a grassroots group with leaders on college and university campuses across Michigan that will help Governor Romney spread his vision for change in Washington.

Together, these 22 student leaders will serve as Students for Romney Campus Chairs at their respective colleges and universities.

"Members of our Students for Romney organizations on college and university campuses across the state will play a crucial role in our grassroots efforts here in Michigan," said Jason McBride, Michigan Romney for President Campaign Manager.  "These students will make sure that their campus communities know that Governor Romney is the only candidate who can bring the real change to Washington that we need to ensure our nation's future is one of prosperity, innovation, and opportunity."

With today's announcement, Michigan Students for Romney Chair Dave Drwencke said, "Governor Romney has a long history of successful leadership. We are excited to help out his campaign for a safer and more prosperous America."

Michigan Students For Romney Campus Chairs:

Chris Irvine (University of Michigan):  Chris is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and presently the Chairman of the University of Michigan College Republicans Chapter.  He worked extensively with the Bush/Cheney '04 Campaign as a volunteer and helped with the DeVos for Governor Campaign in 2006.

Kassandra Moore (University of Michigan-Dearborn):  Moore is a native of Dearborn Heights and currently attends the University of Michigan-Dearborn as a Pre-Law student. She is majoring in Political Science and is working on a double minor in Criminal Justice Studies and Communications.  She served as the Door-to-Door Coalition's Leader on the DeVos campaign.

Eric Praedel (University of Michigan-Dearborn):  A native of Redford, Michigan, Eric is currently a senior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn majoring in Political Science. He has been volunteering on political campaigns since 2003. During the 2006 elections, Eric spent several months working for several Victory Centers and he worked as an Intern for the Wayne County Field Director.

Priti Kothari (Michigan State University):  Priti is double majoring in International Relations and Political Science, and plans to graduate in 2010.  She is an active member of the MSU College Republicans.

Leo Madarang (Michigan State University):  A native of Grand Blanc, MI, Leo is majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and plans to graduate in 2008.  He is also an active member of the Michigan State College Republicans.

Alex Beaton (Michigan State University):  Alex is a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in History and Public Relations.  He is actively involved with the Michigan State University College Republicans.

Adrian Montague (University of Michigan Flint):  Adrian is majoring in Political Science at the University of Michigan-Flint.  She spent the 2006 election cycle working as a volunteer recruiter for the MI GOP.

Dennis Lennox II (Central Michigan University):  A native of Topinabee, Michigan, Dennis is a former Cheboygan County Commissioner candidate. As a student at Central Michigan University, he is the past president of Young Americans for Freedom, and currently serves as the Fourth District Young Republicans Chairman.

Alex Van Ameyde (Grand Valley State University):  Alex is a senior majoring in Political Science and is currently the President of Grand Valley State University College Republicans. He has assisted in several local campaigns, including DeVos for Governor in 2006.

Dave Drwencke (Albion College):  Drwencke is a senior majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Economics.  Drwencke is also a member of the prestigious Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Policy and Service. Drwencke has worked on several statewide and federal campaigns in the past.


Mike Compagnoni (Albion College):  A Political Science major, Mike has worked and volunteered on both the Schwarz for Congress and DeVos for Governor campaigns.

Matthew Sowash (Calvin College):  Matt is a freshman at Calvin College and spent the last election cycle working for the Michigan Republican Party as a Victory Center Director.

Robbie Rankey (Ferris State University):  A native of Bay City, Michigan, is the Chairman of the Ferris State University College Republicans and is studying Business Administration. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Fourth District Young Republicans and as Michigan Federation of College Republicans Second Vice Chairman.

Adam Hume (Saginaw Valley State University):  Adam lives in Oscoda, Michigan and is currently a senior at Saginaw Valley State University.  He is studying Political Science and last year, he was elected Iosco County Republican Chair.

Steve Sachs (Kellogg Community College):  Steve is a member of the Kellogg Community College Republicans and worked with the DeVos for Governor campaign in 2006.

Carol Brookens (Cornerstone University):  Carol is a sophomore at Cornerstone, and has been active in grassroots politics throughout her life.

Rob Clark (Aquinas College):  Rob grew up in Muskegon, Michigan, and is majoring in Political Science.  He is a leader in the Aquinas College Republicans chapter.

Andrew Martinez (Henry Ford Community College):  Martinez is from Flat Rock, MI, and is a Pre-Law student focusing in History and Political Science and has been active in politics since the fall of 2004.  He served as the Downriver Victory Center Director for the Michigan Republican Party during the 2006 election cycle, was chair of TAR's, and is currently a member of the Taylor Republican Club.

Jacob Boyer (Lake Superior State University):  Originally from Mattawan, MI, Jacob is a sophomore majoring in Political Science.

Aaron Miranov (Wayne State University):  Aaron has had an active role in politics over the last several years.  He worked tirelessly as an intern for DeVos for Governor, and then as the Macomb County Victory Center Director for the MI GOP.

Derek Harrison (Alma College):  Originally from Midland, MI, Derek will graduate in 2007 with a degree in Political Science and Business Administration.  Derek is a veteran of many campaigns throughout Michigan.

Edward E. Sleeper (Lansing Community College):  A native of Marshall, MI, Eddie will be attending Lansing Community College this fall to begin studying for an Elementary Education major. He is also an active member in the Marshall First Presbyterian Church.