PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President, Inc.
September 6, 2007
CONTACT: Kevin Madden


Boston, MA Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the addition of 25 new members to the Romney for President National Faith and Values Steering Committee, a coalition of supporters who are advising Governor Romney on matters of faith and values.

"To build a stronger America, we need to strengthen our families.  Some of the most important work done in America today is being done within the four walls of the American home.  If we are to strengthen families, we must champion our most basic values of life and marriage.  The men and women of our Faith and Values Steering Committee have been strong leaders in defending these values, and I am proud to have them as part of our team," said Governor Romney.

The Steering Committee's Chair, noted Constitutional Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Jay Sekulow, said, "Governor Romney has demonstrated exceptional leadership in defending some of our most important values.  At critical moments, he stood strong for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage.  Throughout this campaign, he has been the most articulate candidate speaking to the need to build stronger families, and he is the only candidate building a coalition of faith and values leaders."

New Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Chairs:

Steve Appel, Communications Director, Joni & Friends International Disability Center, California
Ann Corkery, Bishop Gassis Sudan Relief Fund, Catholic Activist, Virginia
Peb Jackson, Board Member, Legacy, Colorado
Stephen Tchividijan, President, The Caleb Group, Florida
Tom Vegh, Board Member, Legacy; Former owner, Maranatha Music, California

New Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Vice-Chairs:

Tygh L. Bailes, Former Director of Grassroots Programs, The Leadership Institute, Virginia
Shelly Barr, Director of Marketing and Communications, Wycliffe Associates, California
Brian Bissell, Sr. Vice President and CFO, Colorado Christian University, Colorado
Thom Black, Co-Founder, Good News Holdings, California
Pastor Eric Boggs, Sr. Pastor, Beech Springs Tabernacle, South Carolina
Michael Clifford, Founder, Grand Canyon University, California
Dr. William Crothers, President Emeritus, Roberts Wesleyan College, Michigan
Bill Devlin, Founder, Urban Family Council, Pennsylvania
Amy Goldstein, Member, Republican Jewish Coalition National Leadership Committee, Texas
Pastor Chuck Hill, Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church, Greenville, South Carolina
Harlan Humiston, Pastor, Meadwood Church, Aurora, Colorado
Kurt Keilhacker, Chairman, Veritas Forum, Massachusetts
Matt Kinnaman, Director, New England Keswick Inc., Massachusetts
Evan Loomis, Director of Operations and Investments, The Wedgewood Circle LLC, Virginia
Tom Lovig, Ministry Representative, Moody Bible Institute, Illinois
Joe Manzari, Associate, The Clapham Group, Washington D.C.
Del. Chris Peace, Member, Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia
Bob Porter, Chairman of the Board, We Care Ministries, Nevada
John Stohlton, Executive Director, American Association of Presidents of Independent Colleges & Universities, Utah
Phylis Witcher, President, Protecting Marriage Inc., Delaware

Previously Announced Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Chairs:

Dr. Robert Andringa, President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Arizona
James Bopp, Jr., Romney For President Special Adviser on Life Issues, Indiana
Barbara Comstock, Former Department of Justice Spokesperson and former Susan B. Anthony List Advisory Committee Member, Virginia
Mark DeMoss, President, DeMoss Group Public Relations, Georgia
Ovide Lamontagne, New Hampshire
Chris Long, Chief Operation Officer, Foster Friess & Associates, Delaware
Gary Marx, Executive Director of the Judicial Confirmation Network, Former Executive Director of the Virginia Christian Coalition, Bush-Cheney '04 Conservative Coalitions Director, Virginia
George Seay, Co-Founder and CEO, Annandale Capital; Co-Founder and Chairman, Legacy, Texas
Jay Sekulow, Constitutional Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate, District of Columbia
Lou Sheldon, President, Traditional Values Coalition, California
Matthew Spalding, Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center For American Studies, The Heritage Foundation, District of Columbia

Previously Announced Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Vice-Chairs:

Jim Anthony, South Carolina
Rep. Dennis Baxley, Speaker Pro Tempore, Florida House of Representatives, Florida
Dee Benedict, Christian Activist, South Carolina
Jason Bonham, Illinois State Director, Legacy Law Foundation, Illinois
Sen. Cameron Brown, Michigan State Senate, Michigan
Nathan Burd, Director of International Program & Public Policy, Heartbeat International, Ohio
Steve Chamberlain, Senior Pastor, Branford Evangelical Free Church, Connecticut
Tom Coates, Vice President, Truth About Gambling, Iowa
Dr. Jay Dennis, Senior Pastor, Lakeland, Florida
Dr. Paul K. Driessen, Esq., Senior Policy Adviser, Congress On Racial Equality, Virginia
Joe Earle, Former Director Of Church and Community Development, Iowa Christian Alliance, Iowa
James Edwards, Government Relations Consultant, Olive-Edwards, Virginia
Paul Erickson, Executive Director, Citizens for the Republic, South Dakota
David French, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund, Tennessee
Nancy French, Author, Red State of Mind, Tennessee
Justin Hart, Virginia
Jeff Hunt, Account Executive, The Clapham Group, District of Columbia
Keith Hunter, Board Member, Iowa Christian Alliance, Iowa
Don Hutchings, Senior Pastor, Evangel Temple, Arkansas
M.F. Jackson, Pastor, South Carolina
Gary Jarmin, President, American Service Council, California
Sen. Dave Johnson, Conservative Activist, Iowa
Jimmy Jones, Director, Christ Central Ministries, South Carolina
John Kingston, Massachusetts
Gary La Ferla, CEO, G3 International, California
Wendy Long, Chief Counsel, Judicial Confirmation Network, New York
Drew McKissick, National Board Member, Christian Coalition, South Carolina
Charles Mitchell, Conservative Writer, District of Columbia
Kathy Oltmans, Christian Activist, Iowa
John Pudner, RNC Catholic Task Force, Alabama
Melinda Ronn, Senior Faith-Based Consultant, MKR & Associates, Connecticut
Sen. Alan Sanborn, Michigan State Senate, Michigan
Jordan Sekulow, Former National Youth Director, Bush-Cheney '04, Virginia
Rep. Fulton Sheen, Michigan State House of Representatives, Michigan
Camille Solberg, Former President, Wisconsin Coalition for Traditional Marriage, Wisconsin
David Vicinanzo, New Hampshire
Mark White, Senior Pastor, Christian Assembly of God, South Carolina
Joe Wiegand, Former Director of Voter Education, Christian Coalition, Virginia
Lori Wortz, Former Board Member, Citizens for Traditional Values, Michigan

*Organization names are listed for identification purposes only and should not be construed as endorsements by such organizations.