PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President

December 9, 2007
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Boston, MA Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced 60 new members of the Romney for President National Hispanic Steering Committee.  Since its formal launch in June, the Committee has been advising Governor Romney and his campaign on matters of importance to the Hispanic community.

"As I prepare to participate in tonight's historic Univision Presidential Forum at the University of Miami, I am pleased to welcome these distinguished leaders to my campaign and thank them for their support.  Tonight and over the coming months, we will continue communicating my vision for a strong economy, strong military and strong families," said Governor Romney.

As the only Republican campaign to make significant efforts to engage the Hispanic community, Governor Romney has drawn praise from independent observers.  Among many efforts, Governor Romney has actively spoken out about Latin America.  In June, he became the first Republican presidential candidate to announce a National Hispanic Steering Committee.  His campaign has held Hispanic roundtables across the nation and in July he was the only Republican presidential candidate to attend the Republican National Hispanic Assembly's (RNHA) annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  Governor Romney's Spanish-language website was launched the week his campaign began and is still the only one of its kind in the Republican field.  The campaign is currently running its third Spanish-language ad highlighting his record of success.  Craig and Ann Romney have also campaigned on the Governor's behalf in the Hispanic community.

As Chair of the National Hispanic Steering Committee, Al Cárdenas said, "As most of the Republican presidential candidates look to today's Univision Presidential Forum at the University of Miami, a great deal of attention will deservingly be focused on the impact of the Hispanic vote in determining our next Republican nominee and President.  I am very encouraged by the continued support we are receiving from Hispanic leaders across our country who believe Mitt Romney is the best candidate to continue the Reagan tradition of strengthening our economy, our military and our families."

New Members Of The Romney For President National Hispanic Steering Committee:

Bernardo Acebal, Florida
Jaime F. Aguilera, Georgia
Jose Aliaga, Michigan
Bob Allen, Florida
Rafael Angulo, Florida
Andre Arbelaez, Michigan
Agustin Barrera, Florida
Jesus E. Batista, Esq., Florida
Edgar Berrios, Florida
Anna Cablik, Georgia
Ernesto Cambo, Florida
Antonio Colmenares, Florida
Consuelo Coquis, Florida
Roberto Jose Coquis, Washington, DC
Commissioner Jose M. Diaz, Florida
Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Florida
Tibi Ellis, Nevada
Luis A. Espino, Florida
Joaquin Ferrao, Virginia
Dino Flores, Maryland
Jose Flores, Wisconsin
Fabiola Francisco, Virginia
Glenda Galvez Hanley, Georgia
Sergio J. Galvis, New York
Lisa Gonzales, Texas
Reggie Gonzales, Texas
Jose Ignacio Gonzalez, Georgia
Manny Gonzalez, Florida
Myriam V. Gonzalez, Washington, DC
Juan Henao, Virginia
Juan C. Hernandez, Florida
Suzzette Hurley, Washington, DC
Valentina Iglesias, Florida
Jim Jimenez, Florida
Tomas Lares, Florida
Dr. Miguel Machado, Florida
Carlos Mayans, Kansas
Claudia Miro, Florida
John Molina, California
Federico Morales, Virginia
Rafael Nun-Marin, Missouri
Axel J. Perez, Florida
Jose Perez, Georgia
Marcelo Perea, Florida
Pedro and Rebecca Perez-Roura, Florida
Raul Pozo, Florida
Margarita Rangel, Florida
Xavier Rivas, Nevada
Manuel Rocha, Florida
Mario Rocha, Nevada
Leonel R. Roche, Florida
Jennifer Roque, Florida
Ernesto Roque, Florida
Javier Salman, Florida
Julio Salvas, Florida
Luis E. Sanchez, Florida
Walde Serrano, Florida
Enrique Somoza, Florida
Mari Vila, Florida
Tencha Vasquez Wilcox, Missouri

Previously Announced Members Of The Romney For President National Hispanic Steering Committee:

Chair Al Cardenas, Florida
Carlos Alfonso, Florida
Luis Alvarez, Colorado
Isilio Arriaga, Florida
Jorge L. Arrizurieta, Florida
Yeda Baker, Virginia
Commission Chairman Bruno Barreiro, Florida
Carmen Bermudez, Arizona
Claudia Bermudez, California
Tomas Bilbao, District Of Columbia
Former Congressman Henry Bonilla And Sheryl Bonilla, Texas
Leonard Boord, Florida
Anna Cablik, Georgia
Gloria Campos, Illinois
Alex Castellanos, Virginia
Jo-Ann Chase, Virginia
Dr. Alexandria Coronado, California
Paul da Costa, New Jersey
Ernesto de la Fe, Florida
Dr. Nils Diaz, Florida
Herman Echevarria, Florida
Andreina Figueroa, Florida
Sandra Figueroa Bast, Illinois
Rep. Anitere Flores, Florida
Rene Fonseca, Virginia
Steve Galvan, Illinois
Teri Galvez, District Of Columbia
Ruben Garcia, California
Sen. Valde Garcia, Michigan
Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, Florida
Linda Gonzales, Texas
Reggie Gonzales, Texas
Al Gonzalez, Missouri
Alicia Gonzalez, Florida
Pedro Gonzalez, Florida
Lorena Gonzalez McAlister, California
Sergio Gutierrez, Colorado
Nicolas Gutierrez, Jr., Florida
Jimmy Jimenez, Florida
Tomas Jimenez, Florida
Steven Llanes, New Jersey
Dr. Vinicio Madrigal, Louisiana
Omar Mireles, Arizona
Juan Montalvo, Connecticut
Xavier Neira, Oklahoma
Amb. Roger Noriega, Kansas
David Olivencia, Michigan
Arturo Ordaz, Michigan
German Ortiz, New Hampshire
Jose Perez, Georgia
Maurice Perkins, District Of Columbia
Jaime Ramon, Texas
Grace Ramos, Ohio
Joe Reyna, Utah
Mario Rodriguez, California
Rocky Rodriguez, Florida
Ignacio Sanchez, Maryland
Jerry Silva, California
Camille Solberg, Wisconsin
Ralph Suarez, Florida
Maria Taxman, Missouri
Rep. Trey Traviesa, Florida
Fernando Valverde, Florida
Luis Velasco, California
Ray Velazquez, Florida
Jason Villalba, Texas
Massey Villarreal, Texas