Mitt Romney-Organization, California
updated February 4, 2008

Head of State Daily Operations Coronado Communications, Duane Dichiara
(announced May 31, 2007)  Coronado Communications, owned by partners Duane Dichiara and Jennifer Jacobs, is an award winning, full service political consulting and public affairs company with offices in Sacramento and San Diego.  Dichiara's experience includes chief of staff to Assemblyman Mark Wyland (R-Del Mar) and to Shirley Horton (R-Chula Vista), deputy political director for Arnold Schwarzenegger on the recall campaign, state field director of Victory 2000, executive director of the Adam Smith Institute, one of California's largest conservative political action committees, and a year as land use policy advisor to San Diego Supervisor Bill Horn.  Undergraduate degree from the University of California at Davis; law degree at the University of San Diego.
Senior Advisor Rob Stutzman
(announced May 31, 2007)  A California political operative; currently a principal at Navigators, an issues management firm with offices across the country.  Formerly deputy chief of staff for communications for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Co-directed communications for Schwarzenegger in the California recall election campaign.  A founding partner of CommandFocus, a Sacramento based communications firm.  Prior to CommandFocus, he operated a consulting venture which managed statewide campaigns and pioneered the use of internet communications for volunteer and campaign management efforts. In addition, he served as communications director for Attorney General Dan Lungren and worked in the Office of the Minority Leader in the California State Senate.  Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Point Loma Nazarene College in San Diego.
Senior Advisor Mike Schroeder
(announced May 31, 2007)  Orange County attorney/businessman.  Most recently served as political director in Steve Poizner's campaign for Insurance Commissioner, and has advised over 40 campaigns.  Treasurer, vice-chairman and chairman (1997-99) of the California Republican Party.  National vice-chairman of the New Majority Council for the Republican National Committee.  State Co-Chair for Bush for President in 1992, Dole for President in 1996, and Bush for President in 2000.  President of the California Republican Assembly, 1991-93.

Chairmen (announced April 11, 2007)
Senator Dick Ackerman - Republican Leader of the California State Senate since 2004; elected to the Senate representing the 33rd District (Orange County) in 2000.  Previously served in the Assembly; elected in 1995.  Served on the Fullerton City Council for 12 years, including two terms as mayor.  Has has practiced law for over 30 years in Orange County.  B.A. in mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley; J.D. from Hastings School of Law, 1967.  Southern California native.

Former Assemblyman Tony Strickland - Republican nominee for State Controller in 2006.  Served three terms in the Assembly, including as the GOP Caucus Chairman.  A founding member and past President of the California Club for Growth.  B.A. in political science from Whittier College.

Co-Chairs (announced April 11, 2007)
·       Assemblyman Anthony Adams, Monrovia

·        Former Assembly Leader Scott Baugh, Huntington Beach

·        Former Assemblyman and Republican Caucus Chair Russ Bough, Yucaipa

·        Congressman John Campbell, Newport Beach

·        Fresno City Councilman Jerry Duncan, Fresno

·        State Senator Bob Dutton, Rancho Cucamonga

·        Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, Richvale

·        State Senator Bob Margett, Glendora

·        Congressman Buck McKeon, Santa Clarita

·        Former California Republican Party Chairman Mike Schroeder, Corona del Mar

·        Assemblyman Jim Silva, Huntington Beach

·        Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, Moorpark

·        State Senator Mark Wyland, Carlsbad

Grassroots Leadership Team (announced Dec. 11, 2007)
- Congressional District 1 – Mike Harvey
- Congressional District 2 – Brenda Haynes
- Congressional District 3 – Tom Scott
- Congressional District 4 – Brian Jensen
- Congressional District 5 – Matt Donaldson
- Congressional District 6 – Michael Erickson
- Congressional District 7 – Glenna Phillips
- Congressional District 8 – Scott Erickson
- Congressional District 9 – Richard Amoroso
- Congressional District 10 – Greg Poulos
- Congressional District 11 – Leslie Barkdull
- Congressional District 12 – Michael Helmantolar
- Congressional District 13 – Claudia Bermudez
- Congressional District 14 – Gary Gechlik
- Congressional District 15 – Harold Stuart
- Congressional District 16 – Don Ainge
- Congressional District 17 – Warren Luch
- Congressional District 18 – Jill Fritchen
- Congressional District 19 – Jody Hutchens
- Congressional District 20 – Kevin Cranney
- Congressional District 21 – Landon Whitney
- Congressional District 22 – David Adams
- Congressional District 23 – Erik Peoples
- Congressional District 24 – Denise Nielsen
- Congressional District 25 – Paul Strickland
- Congressional District 26 – Rex Gutierez
- Congressional District 27 – John Huckvale
- Congressional District 28 – Pam Lutzker
- Congressional District 29 – Ara Kachadourian
- Congressional District 30 – David Benning
- Congressional District 31 – Daniel Seminario
- Congressional District 32 – Mike Spence
- Congressional District 33 – Johnnie Morgan
- Congressional District 34 – Daniel Nowell
- Congressional District 35 – Justin Tolton
- Congressional District 36 – Sergio Picchio
- Congressional District 37 – Vic Dennis
- Congressional District 38 – Darlene Reed-Asuega
- Congressional District 39 – Teresa Trujillo
- Congressional District 40 – Jonia Broderick
- Congressional District 41 – Sam Racadio
- Congressional District 42 – Ed Tolman
- Congressional District 43 – Ben Lopez
- Congressional District 44 – Joe Ludwig
- Congressional District 45 – Joe Wojcik
- Congressional District 46 – J. Devin Dwyer
- Congressional District 47 – Trung Nguyen
- Congressional District 48 – Lou Penrose
- Congressional Co-Chair District 49 – Michael Bender
- Congressional Co-Chair District 49 – Virginia Hall
- Congressional District 50 – Vicki Bush
- Congressional District 51 – Rose Banks
- Congressional District 52 – Judy Riddle
- Congressional District 53 – John Rivera

U.S. Rep. Wally Herger (CA-2, Chico)  (Dec. 21, 2007)
U.S. Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon (CA-25, Santa Clarita)  (Jan. 17, 2007)
U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (CA-46, Huntington Beach)  (Jan. 22, 2008)
U.S. Rep. John Campbell (CA-48, Newport Beach)
U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50, Solana Beach)  (Jan. 31, 3008)

State Legislators
Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman, 33rd Senate District
State Senator Bob Dutton, 31st Senate District
State Senator Bob Margett, 29th Senate District
State Senator Mark Wyland, 38th Senate District

Assembly Republican Caucus Chair Bob Huff, 60th Assembly District
Assemblyman Anthony Adams, 59th Assembly District
Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, 2nd Assembly District
Assemblyman Jim Silva, 67th Assembly District
Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, 37th Assembly District
announced Jan. 28, 2008:
Assemblyman John Benoit, 64th Assembly District
Assemblyman Bill Emmerson, 63rd Assembly District
Assemblyman Guy Houston, 15th Assembly District
Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries, 66th Assembly District

California Romney for President Local Elected Officials  (announced Nov. 13, 2007)

Contra Costa County:
Antioch Mayor Pro Temp Jim Davis

Los Angeles County:
La Canada Mayor Greg Brown
La Crescenta Town Councilwoman Sharon Hales
Former U.S. Ambassador at Large and Former Secretary of State Office of War Crimes Pierre Richard Prosper
Former U.S. Alternate Representative to the 60th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Robert C. O'Brien

Orange County:
Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell
Fullerton Mayor Shawn Nelson
Former State Senator and Former California Secretary of Education Marian Bergeson
Newport Beach City Councilman Keith Curry

Riverside County:
Former California State Senator and Assemblyman Ray Haynes
Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone
Moreno Valley City Councilman Richard Stewart

San Bernardino County:
Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Paul Biane
San Bernardino County Assessor and Former Chairman of the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors Bill Postmus
San Bernardino County Supervisor of District 1 Brad Mitzelfelt

San Diego County:
Poway Mayor Michael "Mickey" Cafagna
Vista Mayor Morris Vance
Encinitas Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks
Former California State Assemblyman Bruce Thompson
San Diego County Treasurer Dan McAllister
Poway City Councilman Don Higginson
San Diego School Board Member Mitz Lee

Siskiyou County:
Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus

California Finance Co-Chairs (announced March 15, 2007)

·        Scott Baugh, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party, Orange County

·        Dick Boyce, Partner, Texas Pacific Group, San Francisco

·        David Bradford, CEO, OWNLI, Orange County

·        Jonathan Bullen, CEO/President, Eagle State College Group, San Diego

·        Malin Burnham, Chairman, Burnham Real Estate, San Diego

·        Kelly Burt, Chairman and CEO, Price Self Storage, San Diego

·        Roger Carter, Investments, Morgan Stanley, San Francisco

·        Rick J. Caruso, President and CEO, Caruso Affiliated, Los Angeles

·        Mark Chapin Johnson, President and CEO, Chapin Medical Company, Orange County

·        John Clarey, Chairman, RF Comsites, Orange County

·        Robert Day, Chairman, Trust Company of the West, Los Angeles

·        Bill Draper, General Partner, Draper Richards L.P., San Francisco

·        Steven Fink, CEO, Lawrence Investments, Los Angeles

·        Bradford M. Freeman, Founder, Freeman Spogli & Company, Los Angeles

·        Sam Ginn, Director, Chevron Corporation, San Francisco

·        Howard Leach, Former Ambassador to France, San Francisco

·        Hadi Makarechian, Founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Capital Pacific Holdings, Inc., Orange County

·        Papa Doug Manchester, Chairman, Manchester Financial Group, San Diego

·        David Parker, Managing Partner and Principal, SRS Capital Partners, Orange County

·        Matt Romney, Vice President, Excel, San Diego

·        Kenneth R. Satterlee, CEO/President, St. Croix Capital Corp./Kelly Capital, San Diego

·        Boyd Smith, Partner, WSJ Properties, San Francisco

·        Peter Starrett, President, Peter Starrett Associates, Los Angeles

·        Tom Stephenson, Sequoia Capital, San Francisco

·        Romney National Finance Co-Chair Thomas Tellefsen, Tellefsen Investments, Los Angeles

·        Romney National Finance Co-Chair Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay, San Francisco

·        Doug Wilson, CEO, Next Solutions, Inc., Orange County

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