Mitt Romney-Organization, Montana
revised March 25, 2008

Honorary Chairman Former Gov. Tim Babcock
(announced June 21, 2007)  Served as Governor through Jan. 1969.  Unsucessful run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Lee Metcalf in 1966.  Succeeded to Governor of Montana in Jan. 1962 and elected in 1964.   Elected Lt. Governor in 1960.  Served in the Montana House of Representatives.  U.S. Infantry in the European Theater during World War II.
Chairman Secretary of State Brad Johnson
(announced June 21, 2007)  Secretary of State since January 2005.  Before running for office, he owned an auto parts store in Bozeman and previously worked for RightNow Technologies.  In the early eighties, Johnson was the district representative for Montana's then Congressman Ron Marlenee.  Served as an ag extension agent.  He has a master's degree in agriculture; graduated from the University of Illinois in 1976.   active in the Teenage Republicans and the College Republicans.  Volunteered on Richard Nixon’s 1968 and 1972 campaigns and on the John Connally for President campaign in 1980.
Senior Advisor (effectively Campaign Manager) Chuck Denowh
(announced Oct. 25, 2007)  Started his own political consulting business following the 2006 election and joined the Montana Group in mid-2007.  Served as executive director of the Montana Republican Party for four years through the 2006 election.  Chief policy aide for the Montana House Majority Leaders in 2001 and 2003.  B.A. and M.P.A. from the University of Montana.  Montana native from Sidney, where his family maintains a registered Angus cattle operation.

Montana Legislative Leadership Team (announced Jan. 29, 2008)
- State House Speaker Pro Tempore Debby Barrett – Dillon
- State Senator Rick Laible – Darby
- State Representative Harry Klock – Harlowton
- State Representative Carol Lambert – Broadus
- State Representative Bill Nooney – Missoula
- State Representative Jesse O'Hara – Great Falls
- State Representative Ken Peterson – Billings
- State Representative Wayne Stahl – Saco

Montana Finance Steering Committee Co-Chairs (announced Dec. 4, 2007)
Jerome Anderson of Helena
Mark Baker of Helena
Todd Capser of Billings
Mark Lewis of Bozeman
Rep. Bill Nooney, R-Missoula
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