Romney Supporters On the Web: Early Activity
Aug. 29, 2006 - "A blog for the discussion of our next President, Mitt Romney!"
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Author: Ann Marie Curling.  Born July 2, 1974 in Detroit, she grew up in Michigan, attended college in Indiana, lived for ten years in Florida, and now resides in Cadiz, KY where she is co-owner of the technology solutions company Blodgettech.  She is a Republican, married with four children.  Curling notes that she has been active in politics since she was a teenager.  She writes that her strongest political influence is her father and her favorite president is Ronald Wilson Reagan.  She co-managed a congressional campaign when she was in college.  She writes that she strongly supported Sen. John McCain in 2000 when she was living in East Jacksonville, FL, but, citing the issue of campaign finance reform, she says that "this time around I do not believe he's the person for the job."

In mid-2006 Curling started to significantly broaden her efforts.   In June she traveled to Des Moines for the Republican Party of Iowa's state convention where she met Gov. Romney, as well as Jeff Fuller, creator of the Iowans for Romney blog.  Fuller began to contribute to Curling's blog and the site now has a team of contributors.  At the end of August the team of contributors was Jeff Fuller, Dave Burris, Mike Laub, Kevin Davis, Thomas Alan, Chris Kopchak and Jose Pietri (en Español).  In July/August 2006 Curling helped start a number of affiliated state sites as well as a Women for Romney site and a Spanish language site (Elija Romney en 2008).

One of the affiliated state sites:

About the change in the header in July 2006 (see above images)
Curling wrote, "I changed the header image to include the two images
from the side bar to give me some extra side bar space."