Romney Supporters On the Web
March 31, 2006 grab; text updated Aug. 22, 2006

Author: Maggie MacCallan, a grad student in clinical psychology in Mississippi.
Has run a personal blog, "Letters from a Southern Seanachi," since August 2004.

"Mississippi for Mitt" had a couple of postings in March 2006 coinciding with the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and then was inactive for the next five months.  In her first posting on March 15, 2006, MacCallan wrote that she had just returned from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, where she went "at the behest of a friend," none other than Christine Yantis Hargrove.  She started out her posting noting, "I have long pledged myself to be an apolitical creature.  I avoid politics like the plague.  I didn't even vote in the last Presidential election because I loathed both Bush and Gore and couldn't even find the lesser of two evils.  But events of this past weekend have forced me to change my mind."  About the Mississippi for Mitt blog she wrote, "I confess it probably won't be updated often (as I am in my final year of graduate school and working on my thesis), but I just had to get my thoughts out there."  The second posting, March 19, 2006, is promotional material from

All was quiet until August 17, 2006 when Karl Basham of D'Iberville (Biloxi area) started posting to help MacCallan "keep things running on the blog."  "I'll post some more recent news stories and information and then link to some older news found on other 'For Mitt Romney' sites a little later," he wrote.  Basham wrote that, "I meet Gov Romney while he was in Iowa; end of July time frame.  My brother in law invited me to hear him speak at two occasions.  I have to admit the man is impressive."