Romney Supporters On the Web: Early Activity

(June 6, 2006 grab)
Iowans for Romney
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Jeff Fuller of North Liberty, Iowa.  First posting on May 5, 2006.

Profile: "Born and raised in Los Angeles area (Glendora High School).  College at Brigham Young University. Medical School at UAB in Birmingham.  Residency in Ophthalmology at Medical College of Georgia.  Vitreoretinal Surgical Fellowship at University of Iowa.  Wonderful wife, Laura and I were married in Georgia in 1999.  Four energetic boys have followed."

Fuller actually launched a personal Romney oriented blog, "Fuller's Field" on April 23, 2006.  He wrote,

The impetus for starting this blog is to help others in the cyberworld know about my support for Mitt Romney's election to the White House in 2008--so that they too can catch the vision and support Romney.  My worry for him is not in the general election----as a moderate-leaning conservative from the northeast who has ties to the Midwest (born and bred in Michigan--where his father was a beloved governor and businessman) and a proven track record for getting things done across party lines he would be primed to capture independent and/or moderate voters nationwide, making him the clear favorite over any Democrat that I could imagine.  No, my worry for Mr. Romney is that much of the GOP base will not look past the labels that are slapped on him ("Northeasterner", "RINO"--Republicans in name only, or"Mormon") and find out that he is a morale and fiscal conservative that is wise and pragmatic enough to work with both sides of the isle and make great and needed changes in our system of government.
As most of his postings focused on Romney, Fuller shifted to blogging at Iowans for Romney on May 5.  At that time there was a Romney for Iowa blog ( by Jack Hollander of Des Moines, since discontinued.

On June 17 Romney named Fuller as one of fifty people on The Commonwealth PAC Iowa Advisory Committee.
June 17, 2006--Jeff Fuller with Doug Gross and Mitt Romney at the Republican Party of Iowa State Convention in Des Moines.