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Leadership PACs...
Nov. 15, 2005
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All America PAC 
(Evan Bayh)
Unite Our States PAC
(Joe Biden)
WesPAC-Securing America's 
Future (Wes Clark)
Hill PAC
(Hillary Rodham Clinton)
One America Committee
(John Edwards)
Progressive Patriots Fund
(Russ Feingold)
Keeping America's Promise PAC 
(John Kerry)
Heartland PAC
(Tom Vilsack)
Campaign Committees...
Forward Together PAC
(Mark Warner)
Citizens for Biden Friends of Hillary
(Clinton '06 re-elect)
Friends of John Kerry, Inc.
Center for Promise and 
Opportunity (Edwards)
New Leadership for America 
(Tom Daschle)
Unofficial Sites
www.americansforbayh.com www.boxer2008.com www.hillarynow.com stophillarypac.com
www.russforpresident.com www.algore-08.com www.independentsforkerry.org www.draftkucinich2008.com
www.lincoln2008.com http://www.americaforrichardson.
Also... More Unofficial...
Nov. 19, 2005
(independent news site)
www.njforfeingold.org tennesseansforfeingold.blogspot.com
Additions since previous:
Leadership PAC - Heartland PAC (Vilsack)  site launched Aug. 1, 2005
Leadership PAC - New Leadership for America (Daschle)
Leadership PAC - Forward Together (Warner)  site launched Nov. 14, 2005
Other - Center for Promise and Opportunity (Edwards)
Unofficial site - Independents for Kerry
Unofficial site - America For Richardson
News - JustHillary.com

Losses since previous:
Draft Russ (www.draftruss.com)

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