YOU Made the Difference!

To:       Friends

From:  Patti Solis Doyle

Date:   November 8, 2006

Yesterday was a great day for Hillary and for Democrats across the country.  Now that almost all the returns are in, I wanted to let you know of the difference your support has made:
Hillary’s impressive victory in New York, where she won 67% of the vote – a 12 % increase over her 2000 vote of 55%.
  • Upstate New York: Hillary got 61% of the vote – up from 48% in 2000
  • Long Island, with its mix of suburbs and newer exurbs: 60% – up from 43%
  • New York City suburbs: 60% – up from 44%
  • Independent voters: 64% voted for Hillary – up from 46% in 2000
  • Hillary carried 58 of New York’s 62 counties, compared to 15 counties in 2000

Hillary contributed $3.3 million  in direct contributions: $2,350,000 from her own campaign committee to the national Democratic Senate and Congressional Campaign Committees; and more than $590,000 from HILLPAC directly to Democratic candidates in the 05-06 cycle.  She raised more than $21 million for Democrats, directly helping 145 individual candidates in 39 different states. 

Even as she campaigned for her own re-election, Hillary headlined 131 events in 57 different cities on behalf of other Democrats.  President Clinton had made 97 campaign stops by last weekend, and has probably done another 10 since then.  He traveled to 31 states and raised $33 million for Democratic campaigns. 

Our extensive get-out-the-vote campaign, with regional staff, mail, and telephone calls helped Democrats in targeted races such as three newly-elected Democratic Members of Congress who replaced Republicans: Michael Arcuri, Kirsten Gillibrand and John Hall. 

Hillary contributed and raised $550,000 for the New York State Democratic Party in this cycle, and HILLPAC-NY contributed $96,000 directly to New York candidates.  She headlined events that raised more than $600,000 for New York Democratic candidates; made more than 45 appearances with New York Democratic candidates, recorded robo-calls, and sent e-mails and letters of support.  President Bill Clinton went on the campaign trail in New York in the last days of the campaign, including for all 3 successful congressional candidates. 

By reaching and encouraging New Yorkers to turn out and vote, our GOTV campaign helped ensure good news for Democrats at every level, including historic gains in state and county legislatures in upstate and suburban districts. 

Your friendship and support have been so important to Hillary at every step.  Thank you for everything you have done to make this campaign possible.

Paid for by Friends of Hillary
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