PRESS RELEASE from One America Committee

November 8, 2006

Kim Rubey/Jenni Lee


Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Senator John Edwards congratulated Democratic candidates who won races at every level of government on Election Day.  Edwards also praised the hard work of the state minimum wage coalitions that won six state ballot initiatives to increase the minimum wage.

“Americans voted with their hearts.  And in their hearts, they knew that America is better than what they’ve seen under George Bush and his Republican allies,” said Edwards.

Voters in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Ohio passed ballot questions to increase the minimum wage and index it to inflation.  Edwards spent the past year campaigning for these minimum wage ballot initiatives with the leaders of these state coalitions, including unions and anti-poverty organizations.  Also this year, grassroots pressure helped pass minimum wage increases through state legislatures in ten states, including North Carolina.

“Winning minimum wage increases is a huge step toward lifting millions of working families out of poverty,” Edwards said.

Democrats swept the country taking back the House, winning governorships in states in every corner of the country, making impressive gains in the Senate, and winning critical state legislative seats.

Over the course of this election cycle, Edwards traveled to 39 states, appeared at more than 160 fundraisers for Democratic candidates, and raised more than $8.5 million for Democratic candidates, party committees and allied organizations.  In his home state, Edwards campaigned aggressively for Heath Shuler, who won a seat in Congress representing a district in Western North Carolina, and Larry Kissell, who is neck and neck with GOP Representative Robin Hayes.

“These historic victories are the first steps in making America the kind of country it should be,” Edwards added.  “It is time for America to govern and lead in a positive way and to also provide moral leadership on the critical issues facing the world today.”