Election Scorecard

"When we founded the Progressive Patriots Fund, we promised to support candidates and go around the country, playing a key role in the larger effort to build the Democratic Party throughout America," Feingold said.  "The strides we made this cycle have been astounding and with the Democratic victories yesterday, we’re one step closer to getting our country back on track."

Including Wisconsin , Feingold traveled to 19 states (some more than once), to campaign for and listen to Democrats on the ground.  He was also a special guest at 43 fundraisers for candidates and state and local parties leading up to yesterday’s election.  Feingold also brought his famous Listening Sessions to the national stage, holding two of them online and seven in different states across the country.

The Progressive Patriots Fund gave hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to 97 candidates in 40 states. The Progressive Patriots featured 67 candidates, and all 50 state Democratic parties, in nine editions of our popular "Pick a Progressive Patriot" contests. We also hired and trained 20 field staffers, we call the "Patriot Corps," and sent them to work on 20 races in 16 states for the last two months.

"Throughout the country, we saw firsthand that people everywhere want a party that fights for health care for all Americans, works to protect and create jobs, takes the steps necessary to ensure fiscal responsibility, and does everything in their power to fight terrorism while also protecting our freedoms," Feingold said.  "We believe in a 50-state strategy and although we came up short in a few races yesterday,  we laid the groundwork for Democrats to win in the years to come.  While many groups just targeted sure winners, we made sure to help candidates across the board.  Some were a long shot but it wasn’t that long ago that I was a long shot Senate candidate here in Wisconsin."

Senator-Elect Sherrod Brown
Sherrod Brown ran an energetic campaign against Mike DeWine, and we’re thrilled to see him emerge victorious.  Sherrod was one of our Progressive Patriots, and in addition to contributing to his campaign financially, we sent a Patriot Corps staffer to help put his campaign over the top.  We look forward to seeing the progressive change Sherrod Brown will bring to the Senate.

Senator-Elect Bob Casey
Bob Casey ran one of the most important campaigns in the country.  In addition to contributing to his campaign, Russ traveled to Pennsylvania to campaign with Bob this cycle.

Senator-Elect Ben Cardin
In this tough race, Ben distinguished himself as a strong progressive candidate and Russ look forward to serving with him in the Senate.  The Progressive Patriots Fund contributed $5,000 to help his campaign.

Senator-Elect Sheldon Whitehouse
Sheldon Whitehouse will be a great progressive champion in the Senate and we’re proud to have supported his campaign with a $5000 contribution.

Senator-Elect Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders was featured in one of our Pick a Progressive Patriot events and we were happy to contribute $2000 to his campaign.  Russ enjoyed campaigning with Bernie in Vermont this past January.  Bernie will serve as a proud independent voice in the Senate.

Senator-Elect Amy Klobuchar
Amy Klobuchar ran a great campaign. and we were happy to help her with a Patriot Corps staffer and a $6000 contribution.  We’re thrilled she’ll be joining Russ in the Senate next year.

Senator-Elect Claire McCaskill
Claire McCaskill battled her way to victory in one of the closest races in the country.  We enthusiastically supported this progressive candidate with one of our Patriot Corps staffers and a $6000 contribution.  This is a victory that we can all be proud of.

Jon Tester
While Mr. Tester's race is still too close to call, all signs point to him joining Russ in the Senate next Congress.  Jon Tester ran a tough race in Montana, and we’re happy we were able to send Montana one of our Patriot Corps staffers and a $5000 contribution.  Jon will be a fighter for progressive values, and Russ looks forward to serving with him in the Senate.

Jim Webb
While this race is still too close to call, it looks like Jim Webb will be Senator Jim Webb come January.  Jim Webb ran one of the most closely watched races in the country.  Featuring him in one of our Pick a Progressive Patriot events and contributing $5000 to his campaign, we were thrilled to do our part to help send Jim Webb to the Senate.

Senator Bob Menendez
Russ enjoyed campaigning with Senator Menendez when he visited New Jersey in October.  The Progressive Patriots Fund also contributed $10,000 to his campaign and sent one of our Patriot Corps staffers to help the New Jersey Democratic party get out the vote.  After winning this tough race, Sen. Menendez will continue to be a Democratic champion
in the Senate.

Senator Bill Nelson
We’re pleased to have financially supported Bill Nelson’s campaign, and glad to have him joining Russ in the Senate for another term.

Senator Debbie Stabenow
The Progressive Patriots Fund was proud to have contributed to Senator Stabenow to help her win this tough race.  Debbie and Russ have worked
together on many important issues, and he is thrilled to be serving with her again.

Senator Robert Byrd
Senator Byrd was elected to his 9th term in the Senate.  He will continue to be one of the strongest voices for checks and balances in the Senate.

Ned Lamont
We were proud to have supported Ned Lamont’s campaign in Connecticut, by contributing $5,000 and sending a Patriot Corps staffer to work on the Connecticut Coordinated Democratic Campaign.  While Ned didn’t win on November 7th, he ran a strong, issues-based campaign that we can all be proud of.

Senator Kent Conrad
We were proud to send Senator Conrad $1000 to ensure he kept his seat for the Democrats.  Russ looks forward to continuing to work with Senator Conrad in the Senate.

Senator Ben Nelson
We’re pleased to have helped Ben Nelson return for another term in Congress.

Barbara Radnofsky
We’re happy to have helped Barbara with a $2000 contribution, and Russ enjoyed campaigning with her during his trip to Texas in September.  She ran a good race in a tough state, and while she didn’t win, we can still be proud of her for the campaign she ran.

Congressman Harold Ford
Harold Ford faced a tough race in Tennessee, and while he didn’t win, Russ is still proud of his campaign, and the groundwork has been laid for Democratic victories in the future.

Senator Herb Kohl
Russ is glad to have Herb Kohl representing Wisconsin with him in the Senate for another term.

Jim Pederson
Jim Pedersen ran a good campaign against an incumbent Senator, and while he did not win, we’re proud to have helped him out with a $5000 contribution.

Dale Groutage
We were happy to support Dale Groutage with a $1000 contribution.  He ran a good race.

Jack Carter
We were proud to help Jack Carter with a $2000 contribution for his campaign against incumbent Senator John Ensign.  Although Jack lost, his effort energized Nevada Democrats and set the state for Democratic victories in the future.

Senator Maria Cantwell
Russ was proud to campaign with Senator Cantwell in her state of Washington in May and October.  We sent one of our Patriot Corps staffers to Washington to help ensure Senator Cantwell’s victory, and are thrilled that she’s back in the Senate for another term.

Senator Daniel Akaka
We were happy to support Hawaii’s incumbent Democratic Senator with a $5000 contribution.  Russ looks forward to serving with Senator Akaka once again in the Senate.

A number of House races are still being counted, and recounts in some races are likely, but the Progressive Patriots Fund is proud to have played a big part in helping bring the House back under Democratic control.  We've financially supported 53 House candidates, Russ has personally campaigned with a number of yesterday's winners (and those who fell just short), we've featured 32 House candidates in our popular "Pick a Progressive Patriot" contests, and 11 members of our "Patriot Corps" worked on races leading up to election day.  Some of those include:

Representative-Elect Heath Shuler
We’re pleased to have supported Heath Shuler’s campaign by sending a Patriot Corps staffer to help him, and look forward to working with Heath in the House of Representatives.

Representative-Elect Joe Sestak
Joe Sestak was a strong candidate, to whom we were happy to contribute $1000 and a Patriot Corps Staffer.  We were happy to see Joe unseat incumbent Republican Curt Weldon.

Representative-Elect Bruce Braley
Russ campaigned with Bruce in Iowa, and we happily sent his campaign a Patriot Corps staffer and a $3000 contribution to ensure this stunning victory.  Bruce Braley will surely be a great colleague in the House.

Representative-Elect Steve Kagen
Steve Kagen ran a campaign centered around health care, the most important domestic issue facing Americans, and we’re pleased that it brought him victory on November 7th.  Russ is proud to welcome him to the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation.  The Progressive Patriots Fund sent a Patriot Corps staffer to help Steve win.

Representative-Elect Jerry McNerney
Jerry McNerney was our Progressive Patriot chosen at Yearly Kos, and we’re pleased to have supported his campaign.  His victory over Richard Pombo is a victory for progressives everywhere, and we’re pleased to have contributed and sent a Patriot Corps staffer to help his efforts.

In Wisconsin, we're proud to have helped our Governor, Jim Doyle, return to Madison as our Governor for another term.  While it looks like our Attorney General Nominee Kathleen Falk will come up just short, Democrats picked up a number of seats in the State Assembly.  And in the State Senate, Democrats regained control of that body for the new legislative session.  Russ and the Progressive Patriots Fund gave money and campaigned with candidates for these posts and we couldn’t be happier that Governor Doyle finally has the State Senate to work with him to continue to get things done for Wisconsin.